Why You Need To Increase Lubrication Down There

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Let’s talk about lubrication. I’m specifically talking about lubrication and how it pertains to sex or masturbation.

Yep, I’m going there.

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So many people have this issue, and most questions about sex are not talked about openly, and they should be, at least, with trusted friends.

One look at the sexual wellness section of a store, and you will find just a few manufacturers of lubes. Online you will find a whole lot more. This should tell you that there is an enormous need for lubrication, and people want to learn about it in the privacy of their own homes.

Why Do People Need Lubes

The simple answer to why people need lubes because their area is not wet enough. I’m not just talking about the vagina. I include the anus, the clitoris, the penis, and masturbation toys.

The only body part mentioned above that makes its lubrication is the vagina, and sometimes it does not do a good job.

Why you may need lubrication:

  • insufficient self-made lube can lead to friction and pain in and around the vagina
  • you want to use a clitoral stimulator
  • the anus does not naturally produce lube and is needed for anal sex
  • masturbators for men need lubrication
  • giving a hand job requires lubrication
  • lengthy bouts of sex may deplete your nature lube
  • having the fan on may unintentionally dry you in areas you want to stay wet.

I’m sure you can think of a few more.

Benefits of Lubrication

One of the fun and not sexual parts of lubes is using the word in a mixed group of people. You may find that if you use the word – lubrication, people accept it as part of life outside the bedroom. Such as, “the door is squeaking, and it needs lubrication.”

But if you mention needing lube for something, many heads will turn, and you may see a lot of quick smiles or heads nodding.


  • a lot less friction on your sensitive body parts
  • instant lubrication – no waiting for your body to catch up on the need for it
  • it takes the worry away about drying out, so you are free to just enjoy
  • it takes foreplay up a notch (think about putting it on each other)
  • it adds to the pleasure
  • your vagina will not become addicted to it
  • some lubes have added components to increase the pleasure

What Causes Vaginal Dryness

If you are experiencing vaginal dryness, it’s essential to know why. The most common culprit is menopause. But here are a few other ones:

  • Hormone fluctuations due to menstrual cycles, childbirth, and breast-feeding 
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal contraceptives
  • Acne medications 
  • Dietary imbalances
  • Certain autoimmune disorders like Sjogren’s Syndrome

What Kind Of Lubes Are There

There are three main types of lube: water-based, oil-based, and silicone. There is another called hybrid which is usually a mix of water and silicone.

Best Water-based lube: Sliquid Sassy Water Based Lube


  • versatile option
  • safe to use with condoms
  • pH balanced
  • won’t stain sheets and washes off easily


  • some users find it too sticky
  • some find it too watery

Best Oil-Based Lube: AH! YES OB Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant


  • long-lasting
  • can double as a massage oil


  • can increase the chances of a ripped or torn condom
  • associated with higher rates of Candida
  • may stain sheets and clothing

Best Silicone Based Lube: Wet Platinum Pure Silicone Lubricant


  • good for sensitive skin
  • longer lasting
  • made with high-grade ingredients
  • safe to use with condoms


  • can deteriorate silicone toys

Ways To Increase Lubrication Where Needed

Once you know the cause of insufficient lubrication, where you need the lubrication, and know what types of lubes exist, you can choose what’s best for you.

Stay Hydrated

The cheapest way to increase lube is to use saliva. It’s almost always available. If this is your go-to method, make sure you stay hydrated and avoid food that causes your mouth to dry, like coffee, soda, spicy, or salty food.

Increase Foreplay

If either person has a vagina, increasing foreplay will increase arousal, increasing natural lube. This is foreplay for both involved. Getting and receiving a rubdown can be very stimulating.

Use Lubes You Can Purchase

Many women would agree that the sight of lube on the bedside table adds to arousal. Knowing it’s going to be put to use means one or more orgasms will happen.

Putting your lube where it is easily reachable needs to be a priority. Be aware of which lubes bottles you have so you can quickly grab the right one for the right job.

Lubricants That Arouse and Make You Wet

Several different lubricants have great added ingredients that add more excitement to the bedroom.

HerSolution Gel

HerSolution Gel was seen on “The Doctors” Their panel of doctors and specialists reviewed HerSolution Gel as having excellent ingredients for women seeking to increase their arousal, combat vaginal dryness, and just generally spice things up in the bedroom.

If you suffer the occasional dryness or decreased appetite for sex, check out HerSolution.

This instant arousal gel is formulated to help achieve maximum pleasure and orgasm!

Here are the benefits:

  • Intensify your feelings of sexual desire!
  • Heighten your sensitivity to pleasurable touch!
  • Encourage your own natural lubrication to kick in!
  • Keep you wet, warm, and slippery with ONE application!
  • Push you towards the edge of orgasmic climax!

It’s not a miracle gel but is designed to boost your body’s own capacity to cope with nutritional deficits and hormonal imbalances that are created over time from ongoing stress, neglect, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and more.


If you are interested in enhancing your libido, adding lubrication, and overall sexual pleasure, you should look into this cream. Vigorelle was seen on Fox News and in Healthy Living.

It combines a unique blend of herbal and natural food-based topical ingredients; Vigorelle is truly the next generation of sexual enhancement for women.

Here are the benefits:

  • Instant Arousal Gel For Women
  • Heightens Feelings Of Sexual Desire
  • Relieves Vaginal Dryness
  • Not Sticky Like Drugstore Lubes

Many women report that the cream works instantly with a cooling sensation that increases arousal, and it gets better each time they use the cream.

Wicked Sensual Care Ultra Heat

Wicked Ultra Heat is an arousing sensual heat like a general, pleasant warmth. It smells like cinnamon, which is not for everyone but can be excellent. It is vegan and is a silicone lube (which means it’s extra slippery, so just be careful if used in the shower).

Silicone lubes are excellent if you have not tried them. Adding a sensual heat to them increases arousal. The wetness stays there until you use soap and water to get it off. Be forewarned and be careful to clean up any spots on the floor or toilet seat. This stuff is super slippery!

Bloomi Arousal Oil

Bloomi Arousal Oil is formulated with powerful botanical aphrodisiacs, carefully selected to help increase arousal and improve intimacy. It provides a natural, feel-good “boost” during foreplay and physical intimacy.

Depending on how sensitive your clit is, test out how much you need. It is oil, so that it may stain your sheets.


Using lube is a good thing! Whatever sex act you are having, you probably need lube. Friction and pain are usually the enemies of sexual pleasure. Keep the enemies at bay and revel in the enjoyment that comes (pun intended) from sexual pleasure.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Please share your opinion!

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