What To Wear Home From The Hospital After Giving Birth

What to wear home from the hospital after giving birth is entirely up to you. Your journey home with your newborn is one you want to feel relaxed for. What you choose to wear should depend on your personal circumstances.

Some factors you want to consider include:

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Your birth plan: Will you be having a vaginal birth or a c section? This will determine where your sore spots might be. If unsure, prepare for both in your choice of clothing for your journey home. If you have a c section, you want to avoid anything that requires you to bend. You also want to avoid anything that will press against your incision.

Your mode of transport: How will you be making the journey home? Will it be a private or hired vehicle? What are the roads like? Any bumps, swirls, or curves that will make the journey uncomfortable? These are things to bear in mind. It’s always best to get something that will help you sit comfortably.

Weather: The time of year your baby is due will play a part in what’s appropriate to wear. Some months are colder than others, and some have longer days than others. Your choice of outfit should consider this.

Distance: How far away is the hospital from your home? If it’s next door to you, then you only need something that’s one step above a hospital gown. That’s what I would do anyway. What you wear on a short ride in a private vehicle will be different from that of a long ride in a public transportation mode.

Every situation is different. But one thing that is common is you will be feeling somewhat sore and exhausted.

Wear something that is comfortable and practical.

what to wear home after giving birth

What to wear home from the hospital after having a baby

After having your baby, it will take a while for your baby bump to go down. So consider something loose that will accommodate your new postpartum bump. Your safest option is to stick with maternity-style clothing still.

Avoid hard and uncomfortable materials that can rub against any sore areas you may have.
If you have stitches of any kind, the last thing you want to put on is a pair of jeans.

It’s only reasonable that you’re in comfortable and well fitting clothing when going home from the hospital after giving birth.

Also, stick to a type of clothing and style that you are already familiar and comfortable with. For example, if throughout your pregnancy you’ve felt more comfortable in a specific pair of leggings, by all means, wear that.

It’s always safer to pick out a separate set of clothes for going home after delivery. Something different from the one you arrived at the hospital in. Some people can wear the same clothes in and out. But it’s not always smooth sailing.

When having a baby, there are all sorts of body fluids that come into play, which can easily mess up your clothes. So it’s best to avoid any stress and have a solid plan in place.

Again, the situation is different for everyone. But here are some options for postpartum clothing you can wear home from the hospital.

I have handpicked some very simple, comfortable and great quality items that you can wear.

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Dresses are my absolute favorite choice for maternity clothes, whether for day-to-day maternity wear or as a going-home outfit after birth.

They’re perfect for when you’re feeling sore and bruised. They don’t press against the body and cause added discomfort. A nice flowing dress – long or short will give you so much room and comfort.

Dresses have a way of making me feel like I’ve made a bit of an effort in my look. They seem more stylish and not to mention how they provide full coverage. Trust me, after just having a baby, and you’ll appreciate some coverage.

T shirts

A simple and light T-shirt that’s really easy to slip on is something you want to have in your hospital bag. It’s an essential item as far as the hospital and home outfits go.

There are many t-shirt styles to go for but stick with something that’s weather friendly. There are long or short sleeve options available. You can easily add a cardigan or jacket over your t-shirt to style it up a bit more for your journey home.

T-shirts are always a good option because they can cover your new bump to some extent.

As with all the suggestions here, always opt for maternity styles. If you decide to go for a non-maternity t-shirt, I highly recommend getting one with a relaxed neckline. Like a crew or v neck as they’re even easier to wear and tend to be more comfortable for nursing.

There are some t shirts that are specifically designed to fit your postpartum body and make nursing a lot easier.


Soft, comfortable and loose trousers with a bit of elasticity is what you want to wear. Like Yoga pants or joggers.

Something with a waistband that offers support and can be easily adjusted. You want to be able to pull it up above the tummy area. You also want it to support your postpartum baby bump, especially if you have a c section.

Also, you want it to be loose around the crotch area if you have a vaginal birth. Loose-fitting trousers provide more comfort and support than regular pants or leggings.

If you choose to wear leggings, wear something over it that covers your buttock area. This is necessary because you would most likely be wearing some sanitary product. They are not the most discreet things and are notorious for being a tad unsightly in a pair of leggings.


You’ll have a lot of tender areas after giving birth. Having the right type of undergarment is an absolute must. This is one area that should be given a lot of thought.
You want to wear maternity underwear and a bra that’s comfortable and supportive.

Underwear that rests high above your waist and will not apply pressure on any c section scars is a must. Something that can easily expand to accommodate your belly. You also want full coverage and some relief from the pressure you’ll be having.

A good maternity bra will help you easily nurse your baby – if applicable. Besides that, it will provide you with great comfort.

Your breasts will be feeling tender after delivery whether you breastfeed or not. A good nursing bra with the right material will go a long way to manage the discomfort.

what to wear home from the hospital after having a baby

Sweaters and Jackets

Depending on the time of year your baby arrives, a jacket may or may not be required. If you do need a jacket, try to keep it simple.

Pick something easy to pack, keeps you warm and comfortable without getting in the way.
If you have your baby in autumn, opt for a simple cardigan instead of a trench coat, for example.

A nice cardigan or cozy jumper may be enough to get you from the hospital to your home. Depending on the time of year, weather and the distance you need to travel of course.


A simple wrap-around robe is one of the easiest and most practical things to wear, particularly after an operation like a cesarean section. They’re easy to put on and can be adjusted to fit around your body comfortably.

Another great benefit of robes is that you can use them during your hospital stay as well. Some nice designs are super comfortable and also suitable for nursing.

Go for something with a soft and comfortable fabric that will keep you all nice and cozy.

Just like this nursing robe with deep pockets. Which you can easily fit your essentials like smartphone and breast pads into. Very important.


You can definitely go home from the hospital in your pajamas.

Nothing says comfortable as much as sleepwear. So it makes sense that many people choose to go home in their pajamas after giving birth.

Good sleepwear is usually soft, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Which are the main qualities you really want in whatever you choose to wear on your journey.

If you can sleep comfortably in it, chances are, you’ll feel very comfortable in it for the ride home. But, as you know, not all sleepwear are created equal. Most are definitely made to be worn only indoors (at bedtime) and no place else.

Thankfully, there are some nice and cozy sleepwear you can also wear outdoors. This is the type you want to get.


It’s natural to have swollen feet after giving birth. It’s widespread, actually.
Pick a nice and soft pair of shoes or slippers that will accommodate your swollen feet. Something with some form of memory foam feature that molds to the shape of your feet.
You also want to pay attention to the grip of the footwear. Remember, you’ll be carrying your precious newborn. Safety is of utmost importance.

Be practical with whatever you choose to wear home from the hospital. Comfort is a top priority and whatever feels comfortable to you is what you should wear. It doesn’t matter if it looks ridiculous or not. The most important thing is that you get your new bundle of joy and yourself home in one piece.

The journey home is important but is only a very tiny part of your experience. Whatever you decide to wear, stay comfortable and do not lose sight of the joy that’s now in your life.

Hope you’ve found these ideas useful. Remember to bookmark this post and share it where relevant.