What makes you quirky and do you embrace it?

Learning to embrace your quirks means acknowledging that certain things you do are slightly out of the realm of “normal.” As I get older, I realize that I have several quirks, and I own up to all of them. So, I’m wondering, what makes you quirky, and do you embrace it?

Quirky definition – characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.

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Hi written in the sale - kinda quirky
Quirky shark head sand sculpture
Quirky dragon sand sculpture

Beach time with my kids. Wacky sand sculptures are so much fun.

It means someone who has odd or unusual qualities. Someone whose behavior or qualities set them apart from others. These people may be considered unique, strange, eccentric, or bizarre. People to buck the system or the norm may be seen as quirky.

It may be in the way they dress, how they speak, or how they handle themselves in public. There are many different ways someone can be labeled as quirky.

Being labeled as quirky is not a bad thing. If someone calls you quirky, it’s usually because they can’t relate to how you are doing something or thinking.

What makes you quirky?

I work part-time as an archery instructor and interact with lots of kids and adults. I see and hear a lot of quirkiness. If you are quirky, you can easily recognize it in others. The quirky, nerdy, geeky, dorky kids tend to gravitate towards me.

They see me just being my quirky self and completely owning it. It makes them comfortable.

Here is what I have observed:

  • One kid always wore a kilt when we had scored shoots
  • One liked to make patterns with his arrows instead of shooting for yellow
  • Kids who constantly tell me random facts. The last one is that humans are the deadliest animals on earth.
  • Kids who dance for a few seconds or do a modified cartwheel. Just because.
  • Those who talk about odd things, like, what would it be like to be a cucumber. Would you become a pickle?
  • Kids who notice patterns in their surroundings that look like everyday items. A tree that looks like a fork.
  • Randomly rhyming anything they can

These are the kids that want to share their thoughts and insights and be accepted for being their authentic selves.

What makes me quirky?

I have to think about this. I know I have a lot, but I also live my life the way I want and just let the quirky fly. Sometimes I forget that some things are quirky.

  • anytime the mood hits me to dance a little to a great song, I do
  • if I see a bird, a bug, a spider, or any other creature, I will point it out to anyone
  • I only wear shirts that are V neck or low crew necks – I’m not too fond of things touching my neck
  • I need to make my bed every day, even if it’s just before I get back into it. The sheet needs to be flat.
  • The cash in my wallet needs to be front-facing and in numerical order
  • I forget words a lot and make up new ones in their place or just new words
    • when boiling water, I wait to see boilage
    • I broom the floor (not sweep)
    • I constantly send notes (emails)

I have more quirks, but these are what quickly come to mind. I’ve been told by several people that I’m quirky. I don’t act my age; these are always good things for me to hear. You will always find the bright side of life with me. I take being called quirky as a compliment.

In the future, I want to be that eccentric grandmother. The one who clips feathers in their hair. Wears bright colors with loud polka dots. Have an elaborate rhinestone-covered phone case.

My grandmother loved quirky earrings, and her favorites looked like fruit or animals. She had a poster of a lion on her living room wall, and her fingernails were always about one inch long. She lived her life on her terms. I’ve always aspired to be like that.

So, I’m curious, what makes you quirky?

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