17+ Great-Tasting & Healthy Vegan Recipes with Sweet Potatoes

Step up your healthy eating game with these vegan recipes with sweet potatoes. Enjoy them as a side or main meal, especially for dinner and family occasions.

#1 This Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Krista from Joyful Healthy Eats is very easy to make and perfect for a quick weeknight meal.

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#2 These delicious vegan Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Julie from The Simple Veganista are a great way to use leftover chili by stuffing them into baked sweet potatoes.

#3 This Easy Roasted Veggie Tacos by Jess from Plays Well With Butter is a great weeknight option for a delicious vegan recipe with sweet potato.

chili stuffed sweet potato recipe
Recipe | Photo Credit: Chili Stuffed Sweet Potatoes | The Simple Veganista

#4 This Kyoto Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Miso, Ginger, and Scallions by Sylvia from Feasting at Home is a simple and delicious vegan side that is healthy and full of amazing flavor.

#5 This Melting Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes by Melanie from A Virtual Vegan is a fantastic side dish to serve with your holiday feast or Sunday roast.

#6 This Easy Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes recipe by Sapana from Real + Vibrant is a simple dinner recipe made with only a few ingredients and ready in just 30 minutes.

#7 This sheet pan Curried Sweet Potato and Chickpeas recipe by Dana from Minimalist Baker is a tasty and hearty vegan dish that can be enjoyed with some fresh or steamed greens and any side of your choice.

crockpot sweet potato curry
Recipe | Photo Credit: Vegan Sweet Potato Curry | Salt & Lavender

#8 This Vegan Sweet Potato Curry by Natasha from Salt & Lavender is a nice and comforting recipe to try, especially during the winter months when the craving for comfort food is really high.

#9 This Vegan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe by Alyssa from Simply Quinoa is a healthy vegan dish that’s packed with some great Mediterranean flavors, and it’s super easy to make.

#10 This Stuffed Sweet Potato with White Bean and Guacamole recipe by Hannah from Two Spoons is a simple, healthy, and hearty vegan meal that can be served as a main or side dish.

Grilled Sweet Potatoes Cilantro Chimichurri
Recipe | Photo Credit: Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Chimichurri | Recipe Runner

#11 Try this Spicy Mashed Sweet Potatoes by Sarah from Well and Full for the perfect cozy side dish to enjoy this fall. This easy and healthy recipe is also gluten-free.

#12 This incredibly delicious Smoky Black Bean Chipotle Chili with Roasted Sweet Potato by Tamsin from Cupful of Kale is filled with black beans and red pepper in a spicy, smoky chipotle tomato sauce.

#13 This Scalloped Sweet Potatoes recipe by Molly from What Molly Made is very easy to make and is loaded with garlic, herbs, and a creamy sauce that’s sure to be a hit with all your guests.

#14 Enjoy the mild sweetness and char of some sweet potatoes combined with the fresh, bright flavors of chimichurri in this Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro Chimichurri by Danae from Recipe Runner.

Sweet Potato Casserole
Recipe | Photo Credit: Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole | JoyFoodSunshine

#15 Try this Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole by Laura from JoyFoodSunshine as a vegan side dish at any family gathering or occasion.

#16 This delicious and nutritious Vegan Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recipe by Julia from The Roasted Root includes a simple dairy-free vegan cheese sauce for a tasty and healthy vegan side dish or main meal.

#17 These Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Alicia from The Dizzy Cook are loaded with some tasty, creamy, and delicious veggies then baked twice to perfection for a healthy weeknight dinner.

#18 This Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping by Jessica from Jessica in the Kitchen is another vegan casserole option that’s crowd pleasing and healthy.

Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping
Recipe | Photo Credit: Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping | Jessica in the Kitchen

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