15 Hearty & Delicious Vegan Gnocchi Recipes

Take great comfort in these delicious and hearty Vegan Gnocchi Recipes that have been collected for you to try this fall. They’re incredibly tasty and rich with flavors for you to enjoy.

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They’re also very versatile and you can create your own version of them as you like. Whether that be in the ingredients or the cooking method. These vegan gnocchi recipes are definitely worth adding to your recipe collection.

This easy One Pan Gnocchi in Cherry Tomato Sauce by Kristina from Vibrant Plate, is such an easy meal to make. It takes more time eating and enjoying it than it actually does to make it.

This sweet potato Vegan Gnocchi Mac and Cheese by Gracie from Hungry Blonde is such a clever and easy recipe you can whip up and enjoy whenever you crave some quick comfort food.

Prepare this healthy and tasty gluten-free Vegan Carrot Gnocchi by Ashley from Blissful Basil with just five simple ingredients. In just an hour you can have this dinner ready to eat.

Recipe | Photo Credit: Sweet Potato Gnocchi | Savory Tooth

Make and enjoy this Sweet Potato Gnocchi by Julia from Savory Tooth in just 30 minutes using only 2 simple ingredients. Treat yourself to this tasty and delicious slightly crispy gnocchi with a soft and fluffy interior.

This Homemade Gnocchi With Tomato Confit from The Fiery Vegetarian is the perfect recipe for you if you want to make your own fluffy and pillowy vegan gnocchi from scratch.

This Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Aubergine Parm Sauce by Richard from The School Night Vegan is a creamy and tasty delight that is loaded with flavors for your sheer delight.

This Tomato Basil Gnocchi Soup by Shannon from Yup, it’s Vegan is eaxctly what you need after a long day of work this fall. It’s a happy bowl of flavor that hits all the right spots.

Here are more Vegan Gnocchi Recipes for you to enjoy: