The Best Portable Appliances For Your Home

Appliances that do the washing for you or appliances that cook or keep food cold are great time savers. If you have a small living space, every inch of it needs to work for you. You need to look for portable appliances to help you meet the demands of daily life.

Portable Ice Makers

We have all seen the memes about places with “The Good Ice.” If you have been to Chic-Fil-A, Sonic, Cook Out, or Costco, you know what I mean. Their ice comes in small nuggets that are easy to chew and don’t melt as quickly as crushed ice.

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You can have this at home too. A few countertop machines produce the best chewable, crunchable ice nuggets to keep you happy all day.

If you entertain often and are always in need of ice, a portable ice maker is what you need.

Portable Cook Top

Sometimes you need an extra stove top burner; sometimes, you are in a small living space with a range or over, and all you need is one burner.

One burner is all you need to cook a lot of items. You can heat water for tea or coffee, boil noodles or rice, cook a one-pot meal or make a great omelet. One burner is all you need for most recipes.

This portable appliance is excellent to use when traveling, camping or if you need a hot plate when bringing food to a gathering.

Mini Fridges and Freezers

Mini fridges are not just for college dorms. They are great for small living spaces, garages, RVs, bedrooms, and mancaves! The new ones are very quiet and have a lot of room for your cooling needs.

  • Decide if you need one with a small freezer.
  • Look for ones with a reversible door.
  • Check to see if they have crisper drawers or drink holders.

Mini Laundry Portable Appliances

We all need clean clothes, but some places don’t have space for a full-size or apartment-sized washer and dryer. If you are renting, buying a big washer can be expensive. There are several options to choose from to meet your needs.

If you live alone, you can find smaller countertop washers, and if you need something bigger, you will be able to find stand-alone washers and dryers that will easily fit in a closet when not in use.

Look for what fits your needs.

  • Do you need it lightweight?
  • Does it need to have several different wash settings?
  • How many pounds of clothes can it hold and still do a great job?

Countertop Dishwashers

If you have a small space and hate doing dishes, a countertop dishwasher will be a great tool. These are great for dorms, RVs, boats, tiny houses, and other cramped spaces.

  • Decide how much space you have to accommodate one of these.
  • Do you need one that hooks up to your sink faucet or has a water tank to fill?
  • Check to see if it needs liquid detergent or if it can use tablets.

Portable Wine Chiller

If you are short on space or keep a small wine collection, then a tabletop wine chiller may be what you are looking for. If you need a tall compact version that stands alone, you can find several that suit your needs.

Once you decide where you have space for a wine chiller, choose how many bottles you need it to hold.

Portable Tabletop Ovens

Air fryers have been all the rage the past few years, but did you know that the bigger air fryers also double as an oven?

If you need an oven to fit in a small space or an extra oven for those few times of the year when you have several dishes needing oven time, then a portable oven is what you need.

You can still find small convection ovens that will suit the needs of a dorm or tiny living space. But if you have a little more countertop space, look into getting an appliance with an air fryer, rotisserie, and convection oven all in one.

Decide what your needs are:

  • Do you need a rotisserie?
  • Are you just looking for a small oven to bake a pizza?
  • Do you want to enjoy the benefits of an air fryer?

In Conclusion

Whether you live in a small space or need a little more help from the appliances you already have, you have several options. Outfitting a tiny living space with small appliances can be easy once you know your space constraints.

Decide if you really need any of these appliances. Having a multi-use appliance like an air fryer with rotisserie is great, but will you really use the majority of the options?

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