Small Container Water Gardens That Make Big Impression

Adding a small container water garden to any area will add to the beauty of your outdoor space. No matter the size of your area, you will be able to find a container that will bring you the beauty and tranquility you are looking for.

Think about what’s important to you in a small container water garden. Are you looking for the tranquil sound of water flowing, the shimmer off the top of the water in the sunshine, maybe just watching fish slowly swimming around, or the different flowers and plants that thrive in water.

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You can have all these elements in one small container water garden and build it yourself. Check out the video below for an easy way to make your own small container water garden.

DIY Water Garden Tutorial

DIY Water Garden Basics

The has a great, easy-to-understand blog post about starting your own small container water garden. They got basic needs, plants, and fish.

Small Container Water Gardens infographic

To start, you need a container. There are many shapes to choose from when looking into containers for a small container water garden. Decide what will work best for your area and which option is the most eye-catching for you. Any shape will work well in an open space. If your area is limited to a small porch, then a round container or square container with soft edges will smooth out a corner of the porch or patio.

If you are looking for a cottage feel, a metal tub may be what you want. Wine barrel containers are versatile enough to give your outdoor space a country feel or a more polished looked.

There are many round containers, and there is always a way to make them beautiful. If your container will be hidden behind other planters, you can go for something basic. Think about what works for your individual style when choosing a pot for a small container water garden.

Small Container Water Garden Inspirations

Small Container Water Gardens
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Small Container Water Gardens
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Small Container Water Garden Ideas