11 Short Happy Quotes to Motivate You Today

These short happy quotes will help keep you motivated today. I hope they put things in perspective and help you stop and think about life and how you live it. Our time on earth is limited, and it’s important we make the most of it.

We owe it to ourselves to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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Happiness is something we subconsciously tend to look for outside ourselves. We search for happiness in all the wrong places, whether in love, friendships, or material possessions.

What we sometimes fail to remember is that we can absolutely control our own joy and happiness. Happiness is an emotion we feel, and it is not based on any single external factor.

Hopefully, these quotes inspire and remind you that your true happiness lies within you. A happy life is possible despite current circumstances, and our happiness already exists. We need to make more effort in accepting and expressing self-love and joy.

You’ve got this!

I’m Here! I’m Happy!

I'm here, I'm happy!

Today, I choose to be happy.

Today I choose to be happy!

No one can control my happiness!

Happiness Quote

Take responsibility for your own happiness because no one else will do it for you.

Short happiness quote

I’m Happily and Exceptionally me. Always!

quote about happiness

It feels so good to smile right now.

It feels god to smile right now.

Today is a day of joy!

Today is a day of joy.

Laugh loud and long, because you’re on the road to happiness.

Short happiness quote

I don’t need a reason to be happy. I choose to be happy!

Positive quote on happiness

My happiness is not optional.

My happiness is not optional.

You’ll find a great deal of happiness if you let yourself actually be a part of it.

Happiness and motivational quote

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