One-Piece Swimsuits for Women with Long Torsos

We all love great-fitting, flattering swimwear. One-piece swimsuits are great for many body types. The right one can show off your curves, give you tummy control, reveal a sexier side of you or accentuate a lean athletic look. There is some great fitting swimsuit for women with long torsos.

We all understand the issues with a one-piece swimsuit that is just too short: straps digging into your shoulders, boobs falling out the top or sides, revealing too much of your backside, or the worst, too tight in the crotch area – yikes!

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There are several brands that have long torso suits in great styles. If you have had trouble finding a one-piece that is long enough for you, look below for several one-piece swimsuits for women with long torsos.

Many of the swimsuits below come in a variety of colors, prints, and styles. Please click on them to see the other designs,

One-Piece Swimsuits for Women with Long Torsos

Here are a few brands that have several styles of one-piece swimwear: