Easy Ways to Make Your Small Entryway Look and Feel Bigger


These ideas will help make your small entryway look and feel bigger.

Your entryway is one of the most important parts of your indoor space. It’s the gateway into your private sanctuary that’s your home. Your first shot at making a lasting first impression to your guests.

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It sets the tone for the ambiance and experience people will have of your home.

Your entryway is often in a dedicated area of your home like a foyer, hallway and sometimes the living room.

Entryways, as the name implies, are for the most part designed as a space for walking through into the home. But, there are other very useful functions of your entryway.

Your entryway is a great storage and organization area. It also adds a lot of value and opportunity to your interior decor.

How to make a small entryway look bigger

When it comes to decorating your entryway, you need to put some thought into the process. This is particularly important because a lot of entryways have space constraints.

Some entryways are so small that all you have is a tiny narrow hallway to walk through.

Due to space constraints, a lot of entryways can be quite tricky to decorate. But with some already available resources, you can make the most of your small entryway space.

These creative solutions will help you transform your small entryway to make it feel big.

Keep it Neutral

Any small space can feel very confining and uncomfortable. Particularly when the area is dark, busy and cluttered.

A clean and neutral decor will create the illusion of openness and calm. Which is a nice way to welcome someone into your home. Neutral tones will help make your entryway feel more spacious and less confining.

Use textures instead to create interest and excitement without making it look busy.

Make it Bright

Bright walls and good lighting will make your entryway feel more open and airy. A bright wall reflects more light and makes a space feel bigger.

While a dark wall and poorly lit space does the exact opposite. A well lit entryway will look bigger and feel more inviting.

Some simple overhead lighting or wall sconces with energy-efficient bulbs will do. They’ll make your entryway looking brighter and bigger for longer.

Create an Illusion

Use mirrors to spread more light and create a view back into the room. Giving the illusion of depth and space. Floor length mirrors will make your entryway feel taller.

Wall mirrors will enhance ceiling space. Mirrors will make your entryway feel a lot bigger and brighter than it actually is. They can also present the illusion of a window.

A useful tip is to hang a nice wall decor on the opposite side of the mirror. This will reflect back into the mirror and create more depth. A nice hanging plant, wall art, wreath or any decor of choice would suffice.

Keep it minimal

If you have a small entryway, you should by all means avoid anything that will cause clutter. Use smart and practical entryway furniture for your space.

Avoid bulky furniture and accents that will occupy space. Especially floor space. Shop for minimal items that look clean and take up less space.

More preferably, opt for items that are multi functional and will serve more than one purpose. Like a simple entryway bench or console table that gives you a surface to work with.

As well as space underneath. This will make your entryway more organized and streamlined.

Use Wall Space

Floor space is very limited in small entryways. So the next best option is to make good use of the walls. But you don’t want to use very single bit of wall space available.

You want to use it in a way that adds the most value to your entryway.

Besides mirrors, you can add functional wall furniture that will help reduce clutter. Open wall mounted shelves or wall organizers will help keep your entryway clear.

This in turn opens up the space and makes it look bigger and more inviting.