Simple and Gorgeous Indoor Plant Decor Ideas You’ll Love

The perfect spot for your indoor plant already exists as you’ll see from these 11 indoor plant decor ideas. There’s no excuse not to refresh your living area with a house plant or two.

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Indoor plants add so much beauty and grace to spaces they occupy. However, we’re prone to overthinking the process of not only which indoor plant to buy but where to place the plant for maximum impact.

The truth is, a plant will always give life to whichever area it’s placed in as you will see from these simply placed plants around the house.

Any room at all is fine – depending on the type of plant of course.

Different plants thrive better in different areas of the home based on their requirements. Some plants like being in dark places away from direct sunlight while others thrive in the sun.

Other plants require a lot of humidity and moisture so places like the bathroom are the perfect spots for them.

The major challenge is deciding on the plant you want. Once you make that decision and settle for a house plant then anywhere would do (within required conditions of course).