How to Make and Keep Friendships Explained in Infographics

July 30th is National Friendship Day! All through your lifetime, your friendships will change. If you are one of the few to have had a close friend since you were young, it was not luck that kept your friendship going; it actually took work.

If you have close friendships now, you put work into them. You make time for each other, you check up on each other, and you are there to listen to them when needed.

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When I was a kid, my father was in the Army, and we moved many times. As a younger adult, I moved a few times too. Thanks to Facebook, I keep up with a small handful of people I went to different schools with.

I’ve had to make new friends many times in my life, and I’m a social person who talks to people easily. I find that part easy. Growing a friendship and keeping it going has taken work.

I never realized how much we all put into keeping a friendship going.

It’s the best kind of work, though. It has the best impact on our well-being.

Having friends can enrich your life so much. Not everyone will have the same entertainment tastes as you do, so having different friends that will go to different places, like museums, bars, or hiking, is amazing.

In today’s world, keeping in touch with friends is easy. Just a quick text to check up on them or sending them a sarcastic meme on Facebook or sending them a funny TikTok takes a few seconds.

Having a few people to talk over a problem with and be there to support whatever decision you make is very comforting. Knowing friends are there for you makes your life happier, less stressful.

Friends give you the courage to be a better person, to make better choices, to keep going when life gets tough.

Infographics for National Friendship Day

How to Make and Keep Friendships Explained in Infographics.

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Infographics for National Friendship Day


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