Easy Ways To Focus When Your Mind Wanders

All of us have times during the day when our minds wander as we try to concentrate on the task at hand. There are several ways to bring yourself back to focus when your mind wanders. Find the ones that work for you the best and keep at them.

Think about what you already do to keep focus.

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  • do you have music on or off
  • is your area tidy or not
  • do you have all the items you need to start your task
  • are you hungry

I don’t sit still very well, so I take many tiny breaks just to get up out of my chair and move a bit.

Some of these ideas may be new to you, so try them. They may work for you. Other ideas may need a few times of doing them to see if they are helping.

9 Ways to focus a wandering mind

  1. Add a deliberate distraction
  2. Allow your mind a moment to day-dream
  3. Identify and eliminate your stressors
  4. Grab a cup of coffee
  5. Take one minute to doodle
  6. Count slowly as you breathe
  7. Try a naam yoga hand trick to reduce stress
  8. Monitor your mind-wandering and bring it back on task
  9. Try chewing gum
focus when your mind wanders

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