15 Healthy Vegan Salad Recipes That Are Not Boring

These healthy vegan salad recipes are exactly what you need if you’re trying to stay healthy. They’re enjoyable, hearty, delicious, and super healthy.

On this list, you’ll find healthy vegan salad recipes that are gluten free, oil free, paleo friendly, rich, nutritious and very satisfying.

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Tasty & Healthy Vegan Salad Recipes

Vegan bun Chay
Credit: Vegan Bún Chay Noodle Salad | The Wanderlust Kitchen

1. Greek Salad

This No Oil Greek Salad by Ameera & Robin from Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures is a vibrant array of crisp and natural vegetables packed with nutritious goodness.

2. Vegan Bún Chay Noodle Salad

This Vegan Bún Chay Noodle Salad by Linda from The Wanderlust Kitchen is a Vietnamese noodle bowl of vegan delight that includes some sticky-sweet and caramelized tofu seasoned with mushroom soy sauce.

3. Colorful Winter Potato Salad

Salads aren’t just for summer; you can still enjoy them in winter, as you’ll find with this Colorful Winter Potato Salad by Nyssa from Nyssa’s Kitchen.

4. Quinoa Salad

If you’re looking for a healthy Vegan Salad Recipe to add to your family favorite, then look no further than this intensely refreshing Quinoa Salad by Kate from Cookie and Kate.

5. Vegan Crispy Cajun Fried Chicken Salad

This Vegan Crispy Cajun Fried Chicken Salad by Jessica from Jessica in the Kitchen is a filling and satisfying salad dressed in honey mustard and perfect for a week-day lunch.

kale salad
Credit: Kale Salad | Spend with Pennies

6. Vegan Pea Salad

This creamy and yummy Vegan Pea Salad by Shannon from Yup, it’s Vegan contains only five ingredients yet tastes so good and is a huge crowd-pleaser.

7. Easy Kale Salad

This quick and easy Kale Salad by Jennifer from Spend with Pennies is a simple yet fresh and delicious recipe that’s perfect as a healthy side dish or light lunch.

8. Vegan Cobb Salad

This Vegan Cobb Salad by Julie from The Simple Veganista is a perfect lunch or dinner salad recipe that’s not only healthy but also delicious.

9. Vegan White Bean Salad

Turn this delightful Vegan White Bean Salad by Alexandra from Occasionally Eggs into a full fledged meal that you can enjoy for a quick weeknight dinner.

10. Vegan Cobb Salad

This Vegan Cobb Salad by Alissa from Connoisseurs Veg is packed with different flavors and textures. It’s perfect for whenever you fancy a really hearty vegan salad that’s also healthy.

cashew and quinoa salad
Credit: Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad | Ambitious Kitchen

11. Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad

Make this Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad by Monique from Ambitious Kitchen ahead and enjoy it the next day for lunch at work or share it as a side with family.

12. Vegan Kale Caesar Salad

This Vegan Kale Caesar Salad by Sarah from Making Thyme for Health is a great and healthier way to enjoy Caesar salad without feeling like you’ve overindulged. Result!

13. The Great Big Vegan Salad

The Great Big Vegan Salad by Alex from Delish Knowledge is a feast of a salad that’s packed to perfection with a broad mix of healthy veggies.

14. Vegan Santa Fe Salad

This Vegan Santa Fe Salad by Sonia from The Healthy Foodie combines many tasty and nutritious veggies infused with some amazing Mexican flavors.

15. Thai Quinoa Salad

This Thai Quinoa Salad by Natasha from Salt & Lavender is a fresh and satisfying vegan salad recipe that’s very quick and easy to make. It’s great for meal prep.

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