Hands Are Not The Only Body Part You Can Mold

Have you ever thought of making a cast of one of your body parts? Maybe you have thought of casting your hand or your child’s hand or foot. These can make great pieces of art to put on a shelf. When I was thinking about this, I wondered, are hands the only body part you can make a mold of?

A quick internet search brought up a few different ideas for making casts of varying body parts.

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In that search, I clicked it to Images and found some great ideas of different ways to cast your hand or hands of loved ones together.

This also showed a few great pictures of casting pregnant bellies, faces, and impressive male and female chest pieces. The chest ones were like what you would see in a museum.

Google can also lead you to some other interesting body parts you can mold. In my search, the site Clone-A-Willie appeared. Yep, it’s exactly what you are thinking. To make it all equal out, they also have a Clone-A-Pussy.

Ideas of Mold To Make

Hands may be the most well-known body part to mold. You can do this alone or have a friend there for support. You can go for something with a bit of personality or something that makes you feel the love.

If you make a mold with your child or the love of your life, definitely practice holding hands a few times to get an idea of how it will look. Once you get your hands in the wet stuff, you won’t be able to see what it looks like.

There are a few different kits you can buy. Here are some on Amazon.

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands Casting Kit

Luna Bean Baby Keepsake Hand Casting Kit


Artmolds Breast Friend Casting Kit

CLONE-A-WILLY – Silicone Penis Casting Kit 

Hands and Feet

Here are a few great examples of what you can do or get you thinking of another pose. You can leave your ring on; it comes out pretty good.

If you have ever had a cast of your teeth at the dentist to make a mold for a mouthguard or tooth cap, the goo they use is the same for making body part molds.

It’s called Alginate, and yes, it’s made from algae. This stuff is used in many pharmaceutical products, dentistry, and mold making, whether it’s fun body part molds or prosthetics.

One hand is easy to do by yourself, anything more and have a friend with you. The kits that come with a bucket are great, but heed the warning of not dipping your hand in past your wrist; getting your hand back out will be a problem.


Making a mold of your face at home may not be the smartest endeavor. Although it will be unique, this is definitely something to do with a professional or someone who has lots of experience. The person getting this done needs to be able to hold still and have limited movement and slightly restricted breathing.

Here is a great tutorial: How To Cast A Plaster Face


Molds of entire torsos or areas of torsos are incredible. One thing I like about these molds is they don’t need anything done to them. You don’t need to paint them or add adornments at all. They are beautiful in their natural state.

Some of the poses need a little creativeness. You will need help.

Intimate Body Parts

The Clone-a-Willie company started as a company that casts body parts for Hollywood. Then, a penis was needed, and a product was born. This is an item that people will buy and make for their lover. I read somewhere that if you are a man have a partner with you for help, there is limited time to mix and apply, and it sets quickly. During the mixing time, the man lost his erection and the mold ingredients hardened.

Oh, This one had to be added

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I love google! You can find all kinds of ideas with just a few good search words. There is a company in Britain that has anus casting kits, and they make chocolate pieces out of your mold.

Final Thoughts

Making a mold of any body part takes time and patience. Make sure you have everything you need within reach. Know that you will probably need a measuring cup, paper towels, a mixing stick, and a bowl to throw away after you are done.

Practice going through the motions before you start mixing ingredients. This stuff dries quickly, and you to know what you are doing.

In the end, you will have a one-of-a-kind item.

Enjoy it.

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