21 Self Care Ideas That Are Completely Free

Looking after yourself shouldn’t cost any money at all and here are some great self care ideas just for you. Pay attention to your own self on a daily basis and watch your life change for the better.

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When it comes to self care, we need to make an effort. It’s a conscious step we take towards improving our health and well-being.
Self care can be challenging sometimes when we don’t have all the resources we need. Thankfully, there are other effective ways to practice self care for free.

The following ideas are easy ways you can boost your overall mood and feel better about yourself. They are absolutely free and easy to do.
Hopefully you find something that works for you. When you do, make a habit of it and use it to improve your wellbeing on a regular basis.

1. Call (or visit) someone just to say thank you
2. Try a new recipe
3. Attend a local event
4. Do a runway walk and pose
5. Deep clean your fridge
6. Give yourself a pedicure
7. Say something nice to a stranger (online or in person)
8. Moisturise your skin
9. Stand straight and tall
10. Declutter your digital space
11. Let go of anything that’s bothering you
12. Do some deep breathing
13. Dress up and take a selfie
14. Go for a walk
15. Watch a motivational video
16. Sit outdoors for a while
17. See the world with Google street view
18. Write a short personal bio
19. Take a nap
20. Read out loud
21. Create a bucket list