7 Cheap & Affordable DIY Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

The cost of a wedding can quickly add up. Finding ways to reduce that cost where possible is always a good thing. Staying within budget is absolutely important for a smooth and stress free wedding planning.

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These DIY wedding centerpieces will help you keep your wedding costs under control and within budget. They will help you reduce the cost of your big day while giving you the opportunity to display your creativity.

Each centerpiece has been handpicked based on how cheap and affordable they are without compromising on style and class.

You’ll have fun making them and your guests will be really impressed.

DIY Gold-Dipped Vase Centerpieces by A Practical Wedding

DIY Flower and Sand Centerpieces by Something Turquoise

DIY Wedding Centerpiece with Dollar Tree Frames by Kell from Simply Handmade Studios

DIY Glitter Vases by The Sweetest Occasion

DIY Dollar Store Vases to Boho Wedding Centerpieces by The Inspiration Vault

DIY Hula Hoop Chandelier Wedding Centerpiece by Miss Plan It

DIY Upcycled Wedding Centerpieces from Glass Jars by Jane and Sonja from Sustain my Craft Habit

DIY Glitter Vases
Source/Tutorial: The Sweetest Occasion
DIY Wedding Centerpiece
Source/Tutorial: Sustain my Craft Habit
Boho Wedding Centerpieces
Source/Tutorial: The Inspiration Vault