11 Gorgeous and Unique DIY Christmas Wreaths You Can Easily Make

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. The time when the magic happens and creativity comes alive. If you’re looking for a genuinely magical DIY Christmas wreath this year, why not try making these DIY Christmas Wreaths.

You’re probably thinking of taking your fall wreaths down and replacing them with some Christmas ones. If you’re looking to make a unique and incredibly impressive Christmas wreath, these 11 DIY Christmas wreaths are worth checking out. See one you fancy?

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DIY Red and White Christmas Wreath

This festive DIY Red and White Christmas Wreath are straightforward to make and requires only a few items. Amanda from Domestically Creative shows you how you can make one for yourself—using a simple white wicker base and a little greenery.
Add a burlap bow or any bow of your choice, and you have a gorgeous wreath on your hands. A great feature of this wreath is that you can easily tweak it as many times as you wish to reflect the season or decor style.

DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath

Kelly from Studio DIY has made this incredibly fun and exciting DIY Christmas wreath out of balloons. How cool is that? If you’re looking for the perfect DIY project for the holiday season, this DIY Christmas Balloon Wreath is the one. It gives a fun party atmosphere and is easy to put together.
It’s such a statement decor piece that makes a significant impact. What’s great is that you can play around with the colors to match your Christmas decor theme.

DIY Eucalyptus and Pine Christmas Wreath

Andrea from Gray Harper Event Maker shares how to make this DIY Eucalyptus and Pine Christmas Wreath over at The Sweetest Occasion blog. If you’re looking to add some natural elements to your Christmas decor, try this one. It doesn’t get more realistic than this beautiful wreath packed with greenery.
This dreamy wreath features an eye-catching mix of eucalyptus, cedar, and pine. It also has some succulents to add an even more modern touch. It’s a fresh and contemporary take on a traditional wreath that brings the festive spirit to your doorstep.

DIY Holiday Wreath with Vintage Toy Cars

Add a bit of nostalgia to your home this Christmas with this DIY Holiday Wreath with Vintage Toy Cars. Chelsea from Lovely Indeed shows you exactly how to create scenic vintage decor. This is a double-sided wreath that also looks great from the back. So you don’t have to worry about how to cover the back.
It features a cute little vintage car packed with festive cargo and driving over the river and through the woods. It’s such a magical piece that will get you into the holiday spirit.

DIY White and Gold Holiday Wreath

If you’re after some glam this Christmas, then this DIY White and Gold Holiday Wreath is your project. Grab your hot glue gun and some floral items, and get ready to make this super cute White and Gold Holiday Wreath. Laura from A Beautiful Mess shows you how you can make this glam Christmas wreath step by step.
This is a fun wreath that’s really festive and easy to make. If you’re going for the white and gold theme, you can proudly hang this gorgeous wreath on your front door. It’s the perfect addition to your Christmas home decor.

DIY Pinecone Wreath

It isn’t Christmas or fall without some pinecones. What better way to get into the Christmas decor DIY spirit than with some fun and exciting pinecone craft. This gorgeous DIY Pinecone Wreath from Amanda at A Piece of Rainbow has been made to easily transition your home decor from fall to Christmas.
You can do so much to decorate your home with a wreath. You can hang it on a door, wall, or add it to your Christmas tablescape. Wherever you place this wreath, it’ll look beautiful regardless.

Santa’s Laundry DIY Christmas Wreath

Jennifer from The Craft Patch shares a beautiful and fun story about the life of Santa at the North Pole. With this super gorgeous Santa’s Laundry DIY Christmas Wreath, you get a glimpse of what Santa’s laundry looks like when hung out on the line to dry. You can display this unique and creative Christmas DIY beautifully in your home or give as a gift.
There are so many detailed elements to this wreath that makes it all the more fun and exciting to make. If you want to make one for yourself, check it out.

DIY Minty & Cool Holiday Wreath

If you’re into retro decor, then here’s another vintage Christmas wreath for you to make. This gorgeous DIY Minty & Cool Holiday Wreath by Ariel from PMQ for Two will get you in the mood for Christmas. It features an adorable Christmas scene with a Bohemian feel to it.
This fresh-looking wreath will help you create your very own winter wonderland. It’s effortless to make one of these for yourself. Use simple materials like mini LED lights, bottle brush trees, and some winter foliage.

DIY Gift Card Mini Wreath

It’s easy to think about a wreath hanging on a front door when we’re looking for DIY Christmas wreath ideas. But here’s another way to think of a Christmas wreath. How about making a mini version of a wreath and using it as a gift card holder? Well, that’s exactly what Amy from Homey Oh My has done with this elegant DIY Gift Card Mini Wreath.
They add a fresh and exciting way to give a gift card for Christmas. It’s a nice and feel-good approach to gift-giving and super easy and fun to make.

DIY Christmas Buffalo Check Hoop Wreath

The beauty of making your own Christmas wreath is that you can use any material. One of those materials you can use to make a DIY Christmas wreath is fabric. Amanda from Domestically Creative shows you exactly how you can make a Christmas wreath out of cloth.
With a piece of red buffalo check, a hoop, and a bit of hand lettering, you can make this beautiful DIY Christmas Buffalo Check Hoop Wreath. This wreath will make a beautiful addition to a farmhouse Christmas look. You can substitute the red buffalo check for any Christmas-themed fabric.

DIY Plate Charger Christmas Wreath

Another exciting way to add a Christmas wreath to your tablescape is to use them as a charger plate. Taryn Whiteaker shows you how to make a DIY Plate Charger Christmas Wreath that will turn your Christmas table into a festive affair.
This unique and beautiful Christmas decoration will make your Christmas dinner all the more exciting this year. It’s a very customizable project that’s super easy to make. You can turn it into any style or theme to suit you. If you want to keep it fresh, green, and almost natural, then definitely check out the tutorial.