Daily Self Love Reminders and Affirmations for a Better Life

Sometimes we need a little reminder on how to love ourselves better. These daily self-love reminders are here to help you love yourself every day.

We can live a good life if only we remind ourselves of how.

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Loving yourself is one of those things we believe should naturally occur. But that’s not always the case. So we need to make the necessary mind-shift to love ourselves in a way that positively impacts our lives.

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I’m capable of doing hard things

Whatever life throws at you, whatever challenges and setbacks come your way, you’re more than capable of facing every one of them. You’re much stronger than you think, and no challenge will stand in your way.

Yes, life is tough, but you’re also tough – all you need to do is remember it.

My feelings and needs are valid

No matter how much anyone invalidates or criticizes how you feel, only you can decide what’s important to you. Nobody can speak on your behalf about how you should feel and what you need.

Appreciate that your feelings are equally as valid as everyone else’s. More importantly, make it known and be confident in how you feel whatever you’re going through.

They may not understand it, but it doesn’t remove the validity. Validating your feelings is part of daily self-love.

I deserve mutual love and compassion from others

It’s human nature to want to keep the peace, especially when it involves someone we love. We don’t wish to conflict with others in any way. So we settle.

We accept things even when others don’t make an effort to meet us halfway. You need to step up and realize you deserve love as much as others do.

While generosity and selflessness are admirable values, you deserve to feel them. It’s great to show love to others, but it’s also good to receive it.

The world deserves to hear my voice

It’s easy to feel inferior and inadequate when your insecurities, fears, and doubts get so loud. The best reminder you can give yourself is that your voice matters.

You can provide hope and something significant to the people who don’t have the same bravery and wisdom that you do. Your voice is a light to the people who need to cling to someone to survive tough times.

Your self-love may help improve someones else’s self-love.

I know my worth, and I refuse to settle for anyone who doesn’t see that

It’s essential to understand who you are and what you’re unwilling to stand for. Your worth is everything, it’s a big part of self-love, and you don’t deserve to be around people who don’t see that.

So make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people who appreciate your worth. Not those that take you for granted and fail to see you as someone remarkable. You are valuable and important.

Be confident in your worth – an essential daily self-love reminder.

It’s not selfish to put myself first

Stop feeling guilty about prioritizing yourself because you deserve it. It’s okay to put your needs first. Above everyone else’s, for at least once in your life.

Think about your personal goals and aspirations for your life and pursue them. Remove any element of guilt associated with your desire to love yourself.

Putting your needs first so you can be a better person to the ones you love is a form of self-love.

I am worthy of good things in my life

It’s all well and good to desire good things in life. But do you think you deserve it? Well, you should, because you do. You deserve good things to happen to you, and you deserve good things.

You don’t deserve toxic and unhealthy things, but only goodness and kindness in your life. So hold on to this realization, believe it, and embrace it.

I let go of the things I can’t control, fix, or change

We all desire to control certain situations, but there are just some things beyond our control. Let go of the need to control everything that happens or every situation you face.

The more you try to control certain aspects, the you’ll feel frustrated. Frustration is a negative feeling that will rob you of your joy, self-love, and experience for the day.

Instead, prepare for the things that may go out of control and accept them when they do.

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