Coastal Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Feel and Look Beachy

Beach themed bedroom decoration

There’s just something about the beach or the coast that makes me feel so grateful and at peace within myself. I don’t know if it’s because of the natural ambiance of everything the ocean and its surroundings have to offer, from the welcoming sounds of the waves to the colors, the smell, beauty, and just the sheer wonder of it all. Everything about the coast is joyful and positive. It’s easy to bring some of that feeling home with some coastal decor ideas.

I’ve been toying with the idea of revamping my home lately, and a beach theme is one of the home decor ideas that have piqued my interest a bit.

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Now I’m not a beach bum or anything like that. Not even remotely close, but I absolutely love the serenity and peace of mind that only a beach atmosphere can provide.

I understand and appreciate that decor themes and love for things are two completely different things where home decorating is concerned. When decorating your home to look and feel like the beach, having a love for the coastline is just not enough. Beach theme decors are a different ball game altogether.

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But one thing I’ve come to realize is that decorating one’s home is an individual journey and a process. There really is no endpoint to it, and it’s a journey that has a story of its own to tell. As the person creating the space, it’s your responsibility to tell your story with the beauty and joy you see and derive from it all. If you can’t design your home to tell your story, what’s the point to any of it?

Anyway back to the subject at hand.

When I think of the beach, calm and serenity are the overarching emotions that I feel. That’s what the beach means to me. That’s the representation and feeling I get from being in a coastal area. If I were to make my home feel beachy, I would want to capture these feelings throughout. The look and feel of a calm place make me grateful.

natural wood beach wall mirror decor

But do I really need a beach themed decor to achieve such a design feat or to feel this way on a daily basis? Maybe. Maybe not.

At the end of the day, any space can be transformed into anything, whether that’s a peaceful and calming sanctuary or a center of chaos and disorder.

While I try to figure it out, I’ll leave you with some tips on how you can add some beach-themed decor vibes to your home, whether that’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living area. These ideas can be applied to any design theme and not just a coastal one. I’ll be exploring a lot more home decor options in my upcoming posts. So stay tuned for those.

For now, have fun with these and enjoy!

It goes with everything

Metal palm wall decor

Beach colors are happy colors and happy colors never go out of style.

Walls are important when it comes to choosing a home decor style. Walls and floors are the 2 main areas.

Coastal colors can be very colorful, bold, and fun, like greens and blues. But you can tone it down as much as you want to make it almost neutral. Using more neutral tones helps to still give the beach vibes without going over the top.
Everything is a matter of preference.

Generally, a truly classic coastal theme will never go out of style—personally, the brighter and bolder, the better. Don’t be afraid to stay true to your classic coastal theme with your choice of colors.

It’s always in style

Beach shower curtain
Beach themed hanging wall decor
Coastal themed decorative pillow
Beach chair photo frame

Keep it clean and organized

Fun and messy are not the same things. Although beach themes are known for their fun and vibrant decor styles, they shouldn’t be messy. Keeping things looking well organized and tidy will help you feel the coastal vibe even more.

Be lazy about it

One of the easiest ways to give your home a beach or ocean theme makeover is by using decor accessories. Go for the low-hanging fruits and get some fun coastal decor accessories for an instant transformation.

Anchor, lighthouse and ship wheel wall decor

Think outside the box

Things that are obviously found on the beach, like seashells, starfish, corals, etc., would be what comes to mind when thinking of coastal decor. But it’s worth looking at other not-so-obvious ways to add the beach vibe without necessarily using beach things.

Use your space as a showcase

Sometimes, all you need is one item to show what theme your decor is all about. You can have muted and neutral tones and one bold coastal statement piece like a wall painting or something. To make a statement and solidify your design theme.

Don’t suppress your individuality

Home decoration is all about adding your personality to your space. A beach theme design is not set in stone and allows room for personalization as much as any other design theme. Add a unique touch with beach-themed items that are one of a kind and personal to you.

Beach themed bedroom decor

Have fun and be corny if you must

It’s your space, and you can do whatever you want to. Allow room for yourself to be who you want to be in your coastal space. Beach decor is about giving good vibes all around. Sometimes, things can come across as cheesy, and that’s ok. Have fun, be quirky, or cheesy if you want.

Beach vibe decorative pillow
decorative beach themed pillow
Coastal decor pillow

With coastal decor, the colors are normally on the soft and natural side. There’s also a generous feature of natural elements like wood, rattan, straws, plants, etc. It promotes the vibe of feeling healthy in your space and being one and at peace with nature. You can stick with one color palette throughout or vary the shades.

From the sandy white beaches to the blue oceans, you can find representations of the coastal theme for your space. There are many elements of the coast that you can capture to develop your own unique coastal theme.

nautical decor area rug

The perfect decor essentials

A beach is a place of peace and harmony. It’s fun and eclectic but with a sense of calm and serenity. You want to capture these characteristics in your coastal-themed design.

Whichever way you choose to design your home, always think of it as your sanctuary. Your haven where you can come to and unwind. A beach-themed decor will give you a refreshing feeling in comfort and design.

antique wooden beach wall decor

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