What makes you quirky and do you embrace it?

Learning to embrace your quirks means acknowledging that certain things you do are slightly out of the realm of “normal.” As I get older, I realize that I have several quirks, and I own up to all of them. So, I’m wondering, what makes you quirky, and do you embrace it? Quirky definition – characterized …

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What’s on your Summer To-Do List?

I always look forward to the Summer Solstice. I thrive in the sunshine. The weeks leading up to it and the official start of summer make me smile. I’m a list maker and chronic sticky note writer. It’s time for a summer to-do list. Long days of sunshine always start with birds chirping. I’m an …

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man and woman talking

How To Improve Your Relationship With Others

We all have relationships that we want to improve on. Relationships are a part of our existence, whether with a loved one, colleague, family member, etc. There are many small ways to improve your relationship with others. As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to improve my relationship with my child. To a great …

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person crying beside bed

Things You Should Never Tolerate in a Relationship

Relationships should add value and bring out the best in everyone involved. But as humans, we’ll always have conflicts because of our differences—some of those conflicts we should never tolerate. When we go into relationships, we look for people we share things in common with. The more similar we are in our beliefs, attitudes, and …

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woman lying on white bed and reflecting

Daily Self Love Reminders and Affirmations for a Better Life

Sometimes we need a little reminder on how to love ourselves better. These daily self-love reminders are here to help you love yourself every day. We can live a good life if only we remind ourselves of how. Loving yourself is one of those things we believe should naturally occur. But that’s not always the …

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woman in gray long sleeve shirt holding black ceramic mug

How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Affirmations

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending loop of negativity? You try all you can to get out of it, but the thoughts don’t budge. You want to think positive thoughts and feel positive, but you don’t know how to. Turning negative thoughts into positive affirmations is a great way to adopt a positive …

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framed sorry quote on table beside half-filled mug

How to Apologize for Hurting Someone You Love

It’s never an easy feeling when you know you’ve hurt someone. Even worse when it’s someone you love and care about. You’re considering ways to apologize for the hurt means that you want to keep things right in the relationship. A sincere apology should express regret for the hurtful things you’ve done to your loved …

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Bored person lying on a couch

What To Do Instead of Eating When Bored

Need some ideas on how to stop eating out of boredom? Here are some other things you can do instead of eating. Boredom eating is a thing. It’s when you eat simply because you’re bored. It’s something a lot of us have an issue with. I won’t explain why here, but I just wanted to …

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woman in white lace long sleeve shirt

How to Let Go of Someone You Love Who Can’t Be With You

How do you cope with being in love with someone you can’t be with? How do you let go of that person?Unrequited love is one of the worst feelings in life when you find yourself loving someone who doesn’t love you back. Or someone who can’t be with you the way you want them to …

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Quick and Easy Daily Actions to Help You Live a Stress Free Life

Try these simple steps daily to help you live a stress-free life. Each step will help you manage the level of stress you face daily. Whatever the type of stress, you can deal with these simple actions, whether at work, during exams, or at home. Many things can cause stress in our lives. As humans, …

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