home decor accessories

Affordable Amazon Home Decor Accessories

Amazon is one big treasure trove of home decor finds for any DIY home decor project of any size. If you’re looking for cheap home decor that is also stylish, Amazon is a good place to start. These are some of the best boho home decors from Amazon that not only inspire me to add …

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green plant

Indoor Plant Care Tips For New Plant Parents

Caring for indoor plants can be quite daunting if you’re a new plant owner. The 5 tips shared below will help beginner plant parents take better care of their houseplants. If you’re a new plant parent or considering becoming one, then this post is for you. There are many other benefits to having plants within …

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kitchen island

Beautiful Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Transform the look of your kitchen into a more spectacular and inviting space with these pendant lights ideas. Take your kitchen from basic to extraordinary with something as simple as adding some pendant lights over your kitchen island. The main focal point of any kitchen is the island. Adding pendant lights over the kitchen island …

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bathroom plants

7 Best Indoor Plants To Reduce Humidity Naturally

There’s nothing worse than dealing with excess humidity in the house. Each of these indoor plants will make good use of that humidity you’re trying to get rid of. They’ll actually thank you for it. They are the best indoor plants to reduce humidity naturally. Maintaining good and proper humidity level indoors is very important …

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indoor plant

The 10 Best Plant Food For Indoor Plants in 2021!

You want your plants to remain healthy and look great for a long period of time. That’s where your plant food comes in. Plant foods contain vital ingredients that will help feed and nourish your plants above and below the soil. Every good plant food contains vital nutrients that are very important to plant life. …

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white kitchen room set

15 White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Brighten Up Your Kitchen Space!

Brighten up your kitchen with these white kitchen cabinet ideas. Make your kitchen stand out and look even more stunning with these gorgeous cabinet design ideas. Whatever your style and taste, we can all agree that white cabinets brighten up kitchen spaces the most. Not only do they make your kitchen look fresh and airy, …

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kitchen cabinet

7 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For Your Next Kitchen Design

Here are just some new kitchen design ideas to inspire you when choosing your next kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinets make the biggest statements in any kitchen, and it’s what sets the tone for how your kitchen is perceived. It’s important to spend some time researching the best kitchen cabinet option for you before committing …

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indoor plants

7 Best Air Purifying House Plants That Are Safe For Cats

Did you know that not all air purifying plants are safe for pets? It’s natural to assume that a plant would be safe for pets if it had air purifying qualities. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Actually, most air purifying plants aren’t safe for pets. It’s easy to fall for a plant because of its …

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