15 Stylish Adjustable Sandals for Ladies with Wide Feet

Shopping for the right sandal can be tricky if you have what’s considered a wide foot. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of stylish adjustable sandals for women. What to look for in the perfect sandal for you When a shoe is described as “Wide Width,” it means the sole of the shoe, …

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Best Underwear for Sweaty Summer Days

Hot summer days outside are great. It feels amazing to have the sun on your face and feel a slight breeze run over your body. Many people crave summertime and all the outdoor activities they are not able to do in the winter. But, hot summer days lead to sweat, and that sweat absorbs into …

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pregnant woman wearing pink dress

Trendy Bump Friendly Dresses You’ll Want to Live In

Looking for fashionable dresses for your maternity collection? Elevate your maternity style with these bump-friendly dresses.Whether you’re looking for a boho dress, something formal, or something to wear as a wedding guest. There are bump-friendly dresses here that will add more style to your wardrobe. And give you the comfort you need for a growing …

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Sun Hats

The Best Sun Hats for Ladies With Large Heads

Shopping for the right sun hat size can be a bit tricky if you have what’s considered to be a large head in hat fitting. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of sun hats for ladies with large heads. What hat size is considered large for women? The normal size for hats tend …

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