mirror light

Easy DIY Bathroom Lighting Ideas For Any Mirror

Having ample light around a mirror to apply make-up is a must-have. If you live in a rental and can’t change a light fixture or add a back-lighted mirror, here are some great alternatives for DIY Bathroom lighting. These also work well on mirrors over vanity tables in any room. Most are dimmable, and some …

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25 Mouth-Watering Delicious Vegan Cheesecake Recipes

The world became a tastier place once cheesecake was invented, and these vegan cheesecake recipes do not disappoint. Whether you like your cheesecake smooth and creamy or a little on the thicker side, you will find a few to love. If you are a die-hard fan of plain cheesecake with a sweet topping, here are …

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flare jeans

18 Flare Jeans You Will Love To Wear Everyday Of the Week

Flare Jeans, Bell Bottoms or Wide Leg Jeans, whatever you want to call them, they are back! These are not your average hippie 70’s jeans. These are made with material that moves with you, feels great, and looks amazing on you. The best top to wear with flare jeans depends on what you want to …

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hanging plants

The Best Indoor Trailing Plants For Any Home

When you run out of shelf space for plants, it’s time to hang some indoor trailing plants. There are many indoor trailing plants to choose from. Most are very easy to care for and don’t mind missed waterings. With the right conditions, some will trail quickly and while others will trail slowly by their nature. …

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outdoor portrait

12 Great Outdoor Ideas For A Family Portrait

Outdoor family portraits have a different feel to them when hung up on your wall. There are more aspects to look at, and family members look more relaxed, usually. The outdoors can be very distracting for children of all ages. Before you get your portrait done, there are many things to think about, like the …

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rock concert

The Best Vintage Rock Band T-Shirts

This is for you if you love classic rock or love the style of a vintage rock band t-shirt. Back in the day, classic rock band merchandise consisted of tour shirts with the album cover on the front and tour dates in the back. You could only get these by going to their concert. Thankfully …

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savory crepes

21 Delicious and Savory Crepe Recipes You Will Love

Delicious crepe recipes don’t have to be hard to make. If you know how to make a pancake, you can make a crepe. Here are several savory crepe recipes to get your taste buds wanting more. The basis ingredients for a crepe is: butter flour egg milk salt You can make these ahead of time …

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23 Smoothie Bowls Your Taste Buds Will Love

How do you make a smoothie more amazing – add more nutritious ingredients, thicken it up and put it in a bowl. Smoothie bowls are the hip version of a smoothie. If you have ever had an acai bowl, this is basically the same thing without the acai fruit. However, you can always use acai …

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vegan scones

25 Delicious Vegan Scone Recipes You Will Love

You can’t go wrong with a scone. They are great plain or with any fruit or nut baked in them. Here are 22 delicious vegan scone recipes to get you started on your scone baking journey. Scones are a sweetened version of biscuits. You can add almost any fruit to the batter, and everyone will …

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26 Of The Best Beanies for Women

Everyone needs a beanie, whether it is for warmth or worn as an accessory. There are many choices of beanies for women, from black to wild prints. Many of the beanies below come in several colors and/or prints. Some are satin-lined, some chunky knit, and one is made of extremely soft cashmere. Beanies for women …

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