21 Tender and Juicy Chicken Leg Recipes

Chicken is amazingly versatile. It definitely has its own flavor but will easily be enhanced using many different herbs and spices. Everyone loves juicy and tender chicken legs. Below are 21 recipes for you to try. I’m sure you will find a favorite. Just make sure your chicken cooks till 165 degrees, and you will …

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idea it's never too late

At What Age Is It Too Late To Start A Business?

If you are wondering if you should start a business and if the main questions holding you back are: Are you too old, or Is it too late to start? The answer is NO; you are definitely not too old! Nor is it too late. Luckily there is lots of research to prove that it …

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25 Thoughtful Bridesmaids Gifts For Your Special Day

Your bridesmaids have been there for you, helped you, and will continue to be there for you. Finding thoughtful bridesmaids gifts for them for being part of your wedding day is not expected but will definitely be appreciated. Picking out thoughtful bridesmaid gifts Picking something out for each bridesmaid may be difficult and a little …

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fruit centerpiece

11 Amazing Fruit Centerpiece Ideas For Your Next Party

Using edibles for a fruit centerpiece is an easy way to decorate your table and amaze your guests with your creativity. Any time of year, you can find fresh fruit in grocery stores. Depending on the time of year, you may have a lot to choose from. Everyone loves at least one type of fruit, …

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rotisserie recipes

12 Juicy Recipes To Cook On A Rotisserie In An Air Fryer

If you purchased an air fryer with a rotisserie attachment and have used it just for chicken, here are some mouth-watering recipes to inspire you to cook another meat. The first rotisserie air fryer recipes I used were for chicken, then pork. I had a habit of picking up a cooked, still warm, rotisserie chicken …

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12 Plants That Bloom Indoors Each Year

Plants that bloom indoors from year to year and are easy to care for are small in number. Here are 14 plants that will typically rebloom each year or shoot up blooms throughout the year. Most of these beauties need a lot of indirect sunlight; some need a little direct sunlight each day. Finding the …

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25 Make At Home Copycat Olive Garden Recipes

Like most people who go to Olive Garden, you fill up on the breadsticks and salad and have some room left over for your main course. That means you get to bring home leftovers that become lunch for the next day. Still delicious, but not a great as fresh. Here are 25 copycat Olive Garden …

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The Best Prime Music ’80s Playlists: Pop, Rock, and Alternative

If you love listening to music and the ’80s is your vibe, here are 18 ’80s playlist from Amazon Prime Music that will keep you singing all day. Music in the ’80 saw the change from disco to something with more edge—definitely a lot more noise. The ’80 brought us hair bands, synthesizers, alternative, soft …

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42 Great Gifts For Every Golf Lover

When buying gifts for loved ones, it’s always great when they have a hobby with lots of gift items to buy. For people who play golf, there are hundreds of golf gifts to choose from. I’m relatively new to golfing and have lots of family and friends who golf. Knick knack types of gifts are …

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12 DIY Flare Jeans Ideas That Will Inspire You

You can call them flare jeans, wide-leg pants, or bell bottoms; either way, they are a style you can create yourself with a loved pair of jeans you already own. DIY flare jeans are pretty easy to make, and you won’t necessarily need a sewing machine. If you want to add denim to an existing …

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