32 Ways To Decorate and Surround Yourself with Tassels

Tassels are very versatile accents to any decor. They come in different lengths, have different widths, and are made of different materials. If you have ever been to a historic house, you probably have seen a tassel somewhere. It may have been on a curtain, a lamp, or on the ends of a table runner.

Tassels can be very elegant or over-the-top BoHo!

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In ancient Rome, tassels, which comes from the Latin word tassau, meaning a clasp at a garment’s neck, became popular in 330 AD when Byzantine Roman emperor Constantine issued a decree that all Christians should be properly clothed. This led to high demand for tassels but it was not until 540 AD when Emperor Justinian and two Persian monks made the tassel a symbol of power for the royal and aristocratic families of the West by smuggling silk worms from China.

So, know that when you decorate with tassels, you are keeping alive a very old style.

Below are many different items that will give you some great ideas for decorating with tassels. Maybe some will give you ideas of ways to DIY a few items with craft store-bought tassels.

Pillows with tassels look great whether they have 4 tassels or are surrounded by them.

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Tassels can be just as easy as a string of them on the wall.

Tassels on curtains can be an understated way to have tassels.

Heres and idea you can use a a DIY craft

Wall hangings can be a focal point in the room.

Pillows with tassels can pull a room together.

Beads and tassels together can create a great look.

Rugs of any type add a little flair with tassels attached.

Tassels on table runners can be just the right touch.

Go big with a hanging chair adorned with tassels.

Throw blankets in the living room or bedroom add a little texture to the area.

Understated but definitely seen are the tassels on this comforter.

Tassels around a mirror make a great wall piece.

Add tassels to your kitchen with simple towels.

Add a little pop of color to a kid’s room with this toy hammock.

Use this as a laundry basket to a storage basket.

Bigger tassels definitely make this basket stand out.

String lights are a great addition to any room.

Simple and elegant with a main tassel at the bottom.

Elevate your wall-hanging planters with tassels.

A simple shower curtain adds a nice texture with tassels.

Bring tassels outside with a great umbrella.

Everyone loves hammocks and adding tassels is just fun.

Planters on the floor will not be left out.

Tassels on placemats can be very elegant.

Kitchen towels are a must with tassels.

Another small way to add tassels, just add one to a box knob.

Grocery bags that you will want to use!

Of course, there are tassels for your ceiling fan.

Another great tassel idea for the wall – a hat organizer.

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