32 DIY Tassels For Everyday Items You Will Love To Wear

Adding tassels to everyday items you wear can add a much-needed pop of color or a personal expression of your whimsy. It can be simple to add tassels to clothing or accessories. For the most part, you can buy ready-made tassels and hand sew them on or tie them to something you wear.

Tassels come in various materials, lengths, and just about every color you can imagine. You can buy tassels at most craft stores, fabric stores, and of course, online. If you want to make your own, these places also have the materials you will be looking for.

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You may even have the materials at home. Think about using embroidery floss, yarn, twine, rope, etc. Luckily embroidery and knitting are huge hobbies, and you can find lots of supplies at craft stores.

Mixing materials can be fun too. Adding a little sparkle to the tassels or a bead to the neck of the tassels will give it an extra flash.

Tassels also are sold as trim, meaning they come attached to something that keeps them spaced nicely and sold by the foot or in pre-cut packages.

Here is a great video on how to make tassels.

What do you want to put tassels on?

Think about items you would like to add some pop too. Items like:

  • the bottom hem of pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, and dress
  • adding to shirt collar or short sleeves
  • clipping one on a necklace
  • adding to hair ties or hair clips
  • on shoes, flip flops, strappy sandals or zippers on boots
  • to purses and bag
  • adding to hats and scarves
  • making earring, bracelets and necklaces
  • adding to a belt or making one
  • or just clip to jean belt loops

Below are 20 great DIY tutorials to learn from and then several Amazon finds to inspire you on adding tassel to everyday items.

Click on the picture to take you to the tutorial.

Jeans come in so many great colors, and you can add more color with complimentary tassels. Just think of the possibilities of what you can do with cropped jeans or jeans that are just a little too short for your liking.

Who says you have to search for shoes like this when you can make your tassels collage in colors you want. You can also change the colors with each outfit!

tassel dress

Adding tassels to a plain white shirt-style dress can give it all it needs to add a small to your day when you wear it.

Tassels also can make something look incredibly chic.

tassel belt

This tutorial will show you how to make a rope belt with a tassel. You can use his idea to add tassels to your own belts.

Making a tassel for a necklace can perk up any outfit. There are many tassels to buy that already have a clip on them.

tassel shirt

So cute! Make a matching monther-daughter stye shirt with great tassels.

Plain shorts can be morphed into a tremendous whimsical item of clothing. These can be worn for a fun day out or a summer outdoor function.

If you are looking to get attention in a classy way – these are great! The tassels are long and have a gold disc to add sparkle.

tassel necklace

A trip to the craft store and the hardware store, and you have the makings of a great unique necklace!

tassel handbag

Make your own purse, or just add a lot of tassels to one you already have.

This is another excellent tutorial on making a purse out of great material and adding tassels!

If you have a shirt or any piece of clothing that has a great design line, think about adding tassels to it. This is also great for sewing on a tassel trim.

tassel hat

A summer hat is a great place to add some tremendous big tassels made out of unique material.

Oversized puffy tassels make a great bright summer addition to your wardrobe.

tassel earrings

Making tassel earrings does not have to be dainty. Go big with your tassels; let the color pop!

tassels to everyday items scarf

Do you have scarves or wraps that you love and think they need a little pizzazz? Make some oversized tassels and wear them with pride!

Okay, so this may not look like tassels, but check out the tutorial. Make your own flower bag today!

tassels to everyday items purse

Straw bags are great and hold up well, but most need some style. Tassels are here to give you that style.

tassels to everyday items shoes

Tassels can be simple additions to any zipper, whether on a jacket, pullover, or boots.

Here are some Amazon Tassel find!

I hope these inspire you in other ways to add tassels to everyday items you can wear.

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