25 Thoughtful Bridesmaids Gifts For Your Special Day

Your bridesmaids have been there for you, helped you, and will continue to be there for you. Finding thoughtful bridesmaids gifts for them for being part of your wedding day is not expected but will definitely be appreciated.

Picking out thoughtful bridesmaid gifts

Picking something out for each bridesmaid may be difficult and a little time-consuming, but giving those thoughtful bridesmaids gifts will be a heartfelt moment. Finding a gift that they will use for a long time to bring back great memories of your day is your goal.

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Decide if you want to have something engraved or not. If you are buying something for them to wear, make sure it will fit, and it’s suitable for their style so that they will wear it for years.

My sister gave me a letter opener that I still use 20-plus years later. It’s has a personal note to me and the date of her wedding. I love it!

Finding time to give the thoughtful bridesmaid gifts

Finding the right time to give your thoughtful bridesmaid gifts depends on the gift. If it is something they will use on the day of your wedding, like a survival wedding kit, you may want to give it the night before or the morning of depending on timing.

If your gift is jewelry to be worn at your wedding, you will need to give those several days in advance, so they know you want them to wear it.

You can also have a private moment at some point at the rehearsal dinner with each of them and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship and support.

Here are 25 thoughful bridesmaid gifts.

Hopefully, one or more of these will work for what you may already have in mind. If you are unsure what to get, maybe one of these ideas will give you a spark of the gift you want to give as thank yous!

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