23 Beaded Chandeliers for Instant Glamour and Style

The right lighting fixture can transform a room; it can be a decor powerhouse. Beaded chandeliers are one of those fixtures that will add that pop or focal point you are looking for.

This post is focused on wood or wood-like beads, as those have such versatility when complementing the rest of the decor in your room. Beaded chandeliers can go from formal to casual to modern and come in a few different colors.

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Whether looking for lighting over the dining table or above a bathtub, you will love the effect beaded chandeliers give the room. When your room has many textures or metal finishes, a beaded chandelier can tie them all together cohesively.

No matter the look you have, there is a beaded chandelier that will work in your space. Is your decor more modern, it works, more Boho, you got it, more traditional, yet again, beaded chandeliers will make it home.

When looking for a new lighting fixture, take into account

  • size – most chandeliers are long, make sure you have the space for it to be a star
  • color – there are many neutral colors that will work in any room
  • other lights – consider the finish on other lights in the room to find a beaded chandelier that bring them all together
  • other room decors – think about what your room needs – more of a pop or more toned down

23 Great Beaded Chandeliers

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