21 Savory Pancake Recipes Not Just For Breakfast!

Pancakes are amazing. Add some savory ingredients, and you will have a new favorite. I’m sure at least one of the savory pancake recipes below will become one of your go-to meals.

A food being described as savory means it is full of flavor and not salty or sweet. If you order something described as savory that means delicious food is on the way.

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Think ingredients like

  • bacon
  • onion
  • garlic
  • sausage
  • cheese
  • mushrooms

Check out the recipes below, and you may find some ways of making pancakes you did not know would work together. There are even a few gluten-free recipes included.

Cheesy Savory Pancakes with Green Onions by Babaganosh

Savory Pancake Recipes

Pajeon – Korean Savory Pancakes by The Wonderlust Kitchen

High Protein Savory Vegan Pancake by MamaSezz

Savory Pancake Recipes

Savory Green Pancake Recipe by Simply Cecee

SAVORY Savory Pancakes With Bacon, Jalapeno and maple by SlowThe Cook Down

Savory Pancake Recipes

Greek Savory Pancakes with Onions & Herbs by Dimitra’s Dishes

Ham and Cheese Pancakes by Grace and Good Eats

Savory Pancake Recipes

Savoury Dinner Pancakes with Chilli Butter by Kitchen Sanctuary

Savory Bacon and Cheddar Pancake Bake by Sweet Savory and Steph

Savory Pancake Recipes

Savory Bacon and Cheese Dutch Baby Pancake by The Spruce Eats

Savory Pumpkin and Parmesan Pancakes by Cookist

Savory Pancakes – Gluten Free by The Korean Vegan

Savory Pancake Recipes

Savoury Cheese Pancakes by A Baking Journey

Savory German Pancake by Genabell

Savory Pancake Recipes

Spinach Feta Savory Pancakes by Joy Filled Eats

Savory Pancake with Fresh Tomatoes and Ricotta Cheese by Backyard Farms

Easy Okonomiyaki Recipe (Savory Japanese Pancakes) by A Food Lovers Kitchen

Savory Pancake Recipes

Savory Pancakes with Cheese and CaramelizedOnion by Hungry Healthy Happy

Savory Indian Pancake by My Heart Beets

Savory Pancake Recipes

Umami-Rich Chinese Chive Pancake Recipe by Tasty Little Dumpling

Savory Corn Pancakes with Chipotle Cashew Cream and Shiitake ‘Bacon’ by The New Baguette

Savory Pancake Recipes

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