21 Must-Have Items To Personalize and Keep You Organized In Your Car

We all can use a few items for our vehicles to make our lives easier. Here are 21 must-have items to personalize and keep you organized in your car. Below is a mix of sensible items and some with bling.

If you need to be more organized, check out the back seat Organizer. If you drive a truck or SUV, the car trunk organizer may be the item.

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Do you need to add a little bling to your car world? The bling items come in a variety of colors like blue, red, purple, and silver. I love the blinged-out seat hooks. My purse is usually in the passenger seat, but it goes to the back seat footwell and slides away from my reach when I have a passenger. I’ll be getting a seat hook.

The seat gap filler and the seat gap pocket are a great must-have. I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to accidentally dropping things in between the seat and the middle console. Either of these dives should mostly eliminate that problem.

21 Must-Have Items To Personalize and Keep You Organized In Your Car

It’s always a little cooler in the shade. Everyone who deals with hot summers can use a Car Windshield Sunshade Cover. These covers come in many designs or solid colors. A search on Amazon will give you more options on the way they collapse.

Changing the color of your seats is a big way to personalize your vehicle. There are many colors to choose from for many different vehicles. Look for ones with breathable material and easy clean-up from spills. There are several brands to choose from that offer many different designs.

The first of the Bling decor, these Car Hooks hook around your headrest supports and look stylish. Perfect for your purse, tote bags, and a great place to hang the grocery store bag that has your bread or eggs.

Add more bling with rhinestones and Leather for a great steering wheel cover. If you like a great texture while driving, this may be the product for you. These steering wheel covers come in many colors and will match the other bling items in this post.

Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate Hanging Air Freshener 3-Pack. Give your vehicle its own signature scent. There are many scents to choose from, making it easy to use and last up to 6 months.

This is one of those great Shark Tank items that everyone who owns a vehicle needs. Drop Stop – Car Seat Gap Filler will make your life easier if you have ever dropped items between the seat and the middle console.

Bring on more Bling! Car Decor Crystal Rhinestone Car Bling Ring Emblem fits over the start engine button or the key ignition. These come in several colors and will match up with the other bling items in this post.

More Bling! Universal Vehicle Bling Cup Holder Insert. I love this; It also adds a little reflective light to the center console. Easy to use and they will also make a great present to any driver.

Everyone has garbage in their vehicle at one point or another. Receipts stack up, candy wrappers, and straw wrappers. This Waterproof Car Trash Can with a Lid and Pockets helps you keep your mess contained till you fill-up with gas and empty your car trash.

More Bling! Soft Velvet Seat Belt Shoulder Pads with Bling Rhinestones come in a few different colors and gives your vehicle some color. They are easy to install and easy to clean.

Of course, if there is bling inside, you need a little bling outside too. The 2 Pack Handcrafted Black Crystal Premium Stainless Steel Bling License Plate Frame will give your vehicle that little extra touch.

Add some subtle light to the inside of your vehicle with Car Led Lights a 4 Pcs 48 Led Strip Light. It’s controlled by your phone. You can change the color, and the brightness and give the light some action.

If a blinged-out shoulder pad is not your style, then here is the classic Soft Faux Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Pad for a More Comfortable Drive. Installation is easy and is great for any seat.

This Foldable Car Trunk Organizer will keep all your must-have items stored in their place. It is collapsible and foldable when not needed and great for using daily.

Do you need a bigger Car Cup Holder? This one says it holds up to a 40 oz bottle with a maximum of 3.8 inches wide. It also comes with a cut-out area for travel mugs with handles.

This is the other seat gap filler that is a great invention. There is just never enough space to hold your phone, water bottle, extra pocket items, and tissues, and add another person to the front seat, and you are crunched for storage space.

Lighter color seats are not as easy to clean as darker colors and can easily stain made of cloth. Here is a great Back Seat Protector for when your kids have dirty, muddy shoes. Easy to clean and store when not needed.

If you keep many items in your vehicle or have kids that have lots of items to keep them entertained, this is a great product. The Car Backseat Organizer 2 Pack is waterproof and full of pockets waiting to be filled!

This is great for you and a great gift for any driver. It holds Car Registration and Insurance cards and any other important documents you may need for your vehicle.

Everyone needs a great keychain with a dependable clip, and this Heavy Duty Key Chain Bottle Opener fits that need.

If you require more flair in your vehicle, then adding a great design to the seats may be what you need. This Sunflower Car Accessories Set Includes more than just Car Front Seat Covers. More designs can be found online.