21 Favorite Floppy Sun Hats for Women

The warmer parts of the year call for a little extra sun protection. A sun hat is a great and stylish choice for keeping you from getting too much sun on your face, ears, and neck. Floppy sun hats for women can give you the extra UPF protection you need.

Whether you are hanging out on the beach, walking a great trail, out fishing for the day, or working in the yard, these floppy sun hats will look great on you as they keep you protected.

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Many of the sun hats below come in several colors to choose from. Some floppy sun hats come in different sizes or have an adjustable chin strap. Most of them are packable and retain their shape once laid back out.

Look for options like

  • packable
  • adjustable chin strap
  • ponytail holes
  • sweatband
  • cotton or straw
  • breathable

There are many options to choose from. I hope you find one you love!

Floppy Sun Hats For Women

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