21 Delicious and Savory Crepe Recipes You Will Love

Delicious crepe recipes don’t have to be hard to make. If you know how to make a pancake, you can make a crepe. Here are several savory crepe recipes to get your taste buds wanting more.

The basic ingredients for a crepe are:

  • butter
  • flour
  • egg
  • milk
  • salt

You can make these ahead of time and easily store them in the fridge.

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What to put in them?

There are many ket ingredients to stuff a crepe with that you will love. Mostly you need protein, a vegetable, and a sauce. But you can put whatever you want in it.

Think of combinations like:

  • chicken and mushroom
  • cheese and chicken
  • ham and cheese
  • egg and spinach
  • eggs and bacon
  • mushrooms and scallions
  • turkey and swiss
  • beef and potatoes

There are many combinations to make it for dinner or breakfast.

Savory Crepe Recipes

Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Stuffed Crepes by Cooking With Carlee

savory crepe recipes

Savory Cheesy Chicken Crepes by The Stay At Home Chef

Savoury Crêpes by Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun

savory crepe recipes

Savory Crepes with Chicken and Mushroom Filling by Simply Homecooked

Mushroom Crepes by Jessica Gavin

savory crepe recipes

Ham and Cheese Savory Crepes by Olivia’s Cusine

Savory Crepes with Cheese, Spinach, and a Fried Egg by Amanda Frederickson

savory crepe recipes

Savory Crepes With Mushrooms and Greens by Brooklyn Supper

Savory Crepes With Eggs and Bacon by Carrot Seed Kitchen

savory crepe recipes

Savory Crepes With Mushrooms and Scallions by Sandras Easy Cooking

savory crepe recipes

Savory Crepes with Ham and Mushrooms by Taste And Tell Blog

Savory Crepes With Chimichurri Sauce by The Wanderlust Kitchen

savory crepe recipes

Savory Crepes with Almond Cheese, Sautéed Spinach and Vegan Hollandaise by The Curious Chickpea

Savory Crepes With Turkey Mushrooms, and Swiss Cheese by Mama Harris Kitchen

savory crepe recipes

Savory Garden Crepes {Vegetarian} by Happi Homemade

Savory Crepes Recipe With Smoked Salmon by Grab The Mangoes

savory crepe recipes

Savory Herb Crepes with Hollandaise by Cooking and Beer

Savory Crepes Russian’s Farmers Style by Peter’s Food Adventures

Savory Gluten-Free Crepes with Shrimp, Mushrooms, & Goat Cheese by Perry’s Plate

savory crepe recipes

Savory Crepes (Блинчики с Мясом) by Let The Baking Begin

Savory Crepes With Sausage Bacon and Roasted Vegetables by Posh Journal

savory crepe recipes

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