20 Great ALDI Foods With A High Protein Count

When you’re making sure you’re eating the correct amount of protein for your diet; you want products that will help you reach your protein goal each day. This can get expensive! Fortunately, there is ALDI’s. If you have ALDI’s near you, they have several great high protein count items to choose from.

I’m not going to explain why you might be following a high protein diet. There are many articles about that. But I will add in a little from my personal experience about learning to change my diet and making it a lifestyle. I follow what’s generally called the Macros diet or If It Fits Your Macros. A few ladies I work with had been doing it, and they looked great and were able to keep their weight in check. I had about 45 pounds to lose and needed help with my diet. Counting my Macros made all the difference!

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I read everything on IIFYM.com and Macrosinc.net. I added the app My Fitness Pal to my phone and learned how to eat better to lose weight and not be hungry.

You can find many high-protein foods in stores; you just need to search a bit. It’s super helpful when the brand advertises in a big font the amount of protein right on the front of the box or bag.

You may not find some of these at your ALDI’s, as with most stores, they carry different items per region. But, you will definitely find some great high protein count options.

ALDI’s finds!


Wraps can make it easy to get that extra protein, and when it’s a cheese wrap, you get the extra fat too!

The cheese wraps are not that big. Park Street and Crystal Farms are about 6″ in diameter. This definitely works for a snack, but it will not hold 5oz of chicken. LOL

high protein items at aldi

Although the egg wraps are not that much bigger than the cheese wraps, they are yummy!

They hold together pretty well. Be careful not to overstuff as they will crack like a regular tortilla.

Sweet Breakfast Options

Finding a cereal with added protein at ALDI’s is hit or miss. But, finding granola and pancake mix with a high protein count is easy.

I use egg whites instead of water or milk in my pancake batter. The extra protein is excellent. Depending on what I’m logging in for food that day, I will melt a tablespoon of butter and add that to the pancake batter. (I always have issues getting enough fat in my macros)

Granola is great on its own or mixed in with high protein count yogurt. The chocolate one is awesome for filling the need for chocolate.

high protein items at aldi
high protein items at aldi

High Protein Count Bars

The brand Elevation is an exclusive ALDI brand made by Millville. If you are into protein bars, then ALDI’s have several to choose from. Some are chocolate-covered, some are chocolate drizzle, and some are not covered.

Everyone has opinions on the best protein bar, but we all have different tastes. We all have different needs in a protein bars texture too. Either way, I’ve tried many of these, and they are pretty good.

high protein items at aldi
high protein items at aldi

ALDI”s also has protein shake mix and ready-to-consume containers. They were a bit low on supplies the day I went.

I’ve only ever seen the Elevation in chocolate or vanilla. It mixes pretty well, about average for most protein powders.

There are many uses for them besides just mixing with water or milk.

For instance:

  • making protein balls
  • adding to cookie mix
  • adding to oatmeal
  • adding to pancake mix
  • adding to yogurt
  • adding to coffee or tea

High Protein Count Bread

Some people assume those who are at a healthy weight don’t eat bread. Oh, they are so wrong! We just don’t make a habit of eating a lot of it.

Finding high protein count bread options is getting more accessible, and ALDI’s has some good ones.

Whether you prefer a wrap or an actual slice of bread for your sandwich, these are tasty.

high protein items at aldi
high protein items at aldi
high protein items at aldi
high protein items at aldi


ALDI’s also has these gems!

They are easy to weigh an ounce of and crispy enough to make your mouth happy!

I’ve only seen them in these two flavors. Other grocery stores have a spice one.

high protein items at aldi
high protein items at aldi

Other High Protein Count items

ALDI’s is a grocery store so that you can find many of the traditional high protein items, such as:

  • peanut butter
  • beef
  • chicken
  • pork
  • nuts
  • cheese
  • eggs
  • milk
  • yogurt
  • beans
  • cottage cheese
  • fish
  • and more

Final Notes

I’ve been impressed with the taste of many of ALDI’s high protein count items. The cost is always a plus. My favorite thing about ALDI’s is that the store is small, and there are not many variations on products, so you spend less time deciding which brand to buy.

Counting your macros is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. You can eat anything you want, just in moderation, and fitting it into your macro count.

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