18 Upcycled Unique Succulent Planter Ideas

We are in a succulent craze, and it is great for us DIYers. If you like to recycle items into upcycled items, here are some great ideas to get you working.

Succulents can live in small places for a while. If you like to propagate your plants, here are some great new homes for them.

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Glass bottles of any size, color, or shape can be used as a great planter. You can cut the bottle top off and hang it like in the picture below. Cutting off the top of several bottles and making cups will look great outside or on a windowsill. You can also cut the bottle sideways for a long boat-style look.

Upcycled Succulent Planters

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These are so ridiculously cute. When you want to take a cutting from a succulent you love and grow another one; you need a great place to let them grow. These beauties grow in their little corks.

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upcycled succulent planters

Any old toy that has seen a lot of love in the backyard could be a great new home for a crop of succulents. If you don’t have any of your own, ask a neighbor or look for them at yard sales.

Source-10 Creative Succulent Garden Ideas

Resale stores, like Goodwill, always have so many glasses to choose from. All you need is a little bit of spray paint, soil, and a succulent. Mix up your color choices and have a great display.

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upcycled succulent planters

Succulents do not need a lot of room to grow at first. Consider using small kitchen objects that you can place just about anywhere in or outside of the house. Adding a little moss will give it more texture.

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upcycled succulent planters

An old or new lantern is a great place for succulents to grow and gives you a stylish look at any table. Consider using old porch lantern light too.

Source-Repurposed Lantern Turned DIY Succulent Planter

Any footwear will work as a great new home for a succulent. Think about the old shoes, crocs, boots, or even baby shoes you can use to give it new life and add something unexpected to the shelf.

Source-Fun Upcycled Succulent Planter Ideas

upcycled succulent planters

This has me rethinking what is in my recycle bin. Just think of all the possibilities that come from an empty container. I’m thinking of small items like spice bottles and mint tins.

Source-Surprising Items You Can Repurpose into Succulent Planters

Another idea to find in your garage or at a yard sale. Any great-looking toolbox will work, even those with top hinge shelves. Just drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage.


upcycled succulent planters

This is as cute as the wine corks. Image a whole row of these branch planters. You can cut them to different heights and use different varieties of wood.

Source-10 Amazing Upcycled Planters That Show Off Your Succulents

I’m a little weary of the doll head look, but these guys are just meant to be used as succulent planters.

Source-Unique Succulent Arrangements

upcycled succulent planters

Mason jars are so versatile. Add some color or use blackboard paint and make a bunch of these. Find vintage ones at resale stores or yardsales and make them as gifts for those you love.

Source-15 Best Indoor Succulent Planting Ideas That Can Beautify Your Home

Another idea from the kitchen. Think of the utensils you don’t use anymore or small gadgets you find at yardsales. Just make sure there is a drainage hole at the bottom.

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upcycled succulent planters

This is a great idea to do with kids of any age. Give you succulents more of a personality.

Source-Doll head planter and 10 of the best ideas for indoor garden upcycled pots Earth Day

Once this is solidly together, the guitar can hang on a wall. Or left on a table. Items. This guitar really makes you think of other items that can be used as a planter.

Source-Birdz of a Feather

Bring in the beach decor with a little green. Big and small shells can become great planters for big and small succulents.


upcycled succulent planters

This may be my favorite quirky planter. Any hollow toy animal can be used as a succulent home. Just think, you can have a whole herd of succulents.

Source-10 Creative Succulent Garden Ideas

Many companies sell their product in assorted tins and decorative containers. Any of them with a small space for a succulent will work great and give a new life to a seasonal item.

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upcycled succulent planters