18 Sofa Slipcovers To Love Your Living Room Again

Is your living room or den in need of TLC, but you don’t have the funds right now? An easy way to transform the space is to put a sofa slipcover over the couch. You can also cover a loveseat and a chair too.

Living room furniture is expensive even if you look at furniture from a discount store.

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There may be several reasons you are looking to buy a sofa slipcover.

  • You don’t have the cash to buy something new
  • You were given furniture from a family member or a friend
  • Your dogs love to leave hair on the couch
  • Leather looks pretty, but you’re tired of sticking to it
  • Someone left a big stain on it

Maybe you have another reason for needing to cover your couch; whatever it is, I’m hoping you will find a cover for it you will be happy with.

Sofa Slipcover Anatomy

Sofa slipcovers have come a long way over the past 20-30 years. I remember as a kid that my grandmother had clear plastic covering hers, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. Even in full clothing, you stuck to it.

Current sofa slipcovers are made of natural fibers or stretchable material. Natural fibers like cotton, twill, and denim will last longer, but stretchable material will allow them to move and wash and dry quicker.

They all have different ways of becoming one with your current sofa. Some have elastic bottoms to hug the underneath, some have ties at the ends, and some have elastic bands.

Please take a good look at what you are buying to ensure it is the proper size and style for your particular sofa.

What are you looking for in a slipcover?

There are many specifics to take into account when deciding what type you want, such as:

  • Do you want it to stretch or not
  • Should it have a pattern or solid color
  • Do you need texture or want it smooth
  • Should it cover the entire sofa or not as much
  • Does it need to be washable
  • Do you need it to be waterproof
  • Should it be easy to put on and off

Think about these attributes when deciding on what will suit you best.

Other Things To Consider

  • How much use will the sofa get
  • Will people occasionally sleep on it
  • Will it need to be drycleaned

Keep all these little things in mind when looking for a sofa slipcover, and I’m sure you will find one that works for your needs.

How To Choose A Slipcover Size

To get the right-size slipcover, carefully measure the length of your sofa from the outer arm to the outer arm, then measure the depth from the front of the couch to the back. Finally, measure the height from the floor to the top of your seat cushions.

Make sure to note whether the arms are puffy or more square. Also, note if the cushions are square.

Choosing one that slips on and off with ease will make it so much easier of a chore when it needs cleaning.

Sofa Slipcovers You Will Love

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