17 Great Busy Activities for Kids Outside

There is nothing like a nice day to becon you outside to play or do an activity that is meant to be done outside. Below are 17 great busy activities for kids to do outside. From water gun tag to sidewalk chalk masterpeices to making a huge amount of bubbles. I’m sure you will find a way to keep your kids busy and maybe a little creative.

If you have a big open area, there are several toys that will make great use of big spaces. Kids will enjoy making the stomp rockets fly high, lets their foam planes soar or set up a simple archery range to test their target skills.

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Whatever activity you have for them, try to make a game out of it. Try to land planes or parachutes in a circle. Make a maze with sidewalk chalk. Use the pogo stick to hop through that maze. Think of other ways to make an activity a challange.

Great Busy Activities

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