15 Stylish Adjustable Sandals for Ladies with Wide Feet

Shopping for the right sandal can be tricky if you have what’s considered a wide foot. We’ve put together a quick list of stylish adjustable sandals for women.

What to look for in the perfect sandal for you

When a shoe is described as “Wide Width,” it means the sole of the shoe, at the widest part, the ball of your foot, is made wider than the average shoe size. For some people, this is still not wide enough.

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You can find sandals, slides, and flip-flops that are wide-width and may fit you well, but adjustable is the way to go if you want a better fit.

When looking for adjustable sandals for women, look for ones with a functioning buckle or hook and loop closure that would be over the widest part of your foot.

Think about what you want in a sandal.

  • Do you want a comfortable padded sole, waterproof, something with a bit of a heel?
  • Are you looking to walk all day in them and be comfortable?
  • Do they need to be more flexible at the toe?
  • Is something more cute and stylish what you are looking for?

Take into consideration all your wants and needs in a sandal. There are many to choose from.

Adjustable Sandals For Women

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