Adding extra protein to your meals and snacks during the day has never been easier. Protein powder is so versatile. Using unflavored protein powder in your diet can help you reach your protein amount for the day. Getting enough protein in your diet has been shown to reduce your appetite and help you lose fat without losing muscle.

If you are reading this, you probably have used protein powder before and want to find new ways of adding extra protein quickly to your diet.

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The main advantage of using unflavored protein powder is that it (typically) doesn’t contain sweeteners. Avoiding sweeteners can be a matter of taste—many people find ingredients like stevia to taste overly sweet—or it can be a health-focused choice. An advantage of using unflavored protein powder is you can use it in more recipes.

When adding protein powder to a recipe, remember to add more liquid to make the recipe work. Play around with it; you know your recipes’ thickness you are going for.

There are a few different brands that make unflavored protein powder.

Muscle Milk, GNC, and Isopure to name a few.

Great ways to use unflavored protein powder.

Add It To Mashed Potatos

unflavored protein powder in mashed potatos
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I wished I had thought of this one a long time ago. Mashed potatoes with garlic and protein together. This is definitely how my mashed spuds will be from now on.

2. Add To Your Yogurt Without Changing The Taste.

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If you want your yogurt to taste as it came, then using unflavored protein powder is the best. Sometimes I add powdered peanut butter to my yogurt. It’s a great way to get in extra protein and satisfy the love of peanut butter.

3. Make Your Own Salad Dressing

unflavored protein powder in salad dressing

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If you find that store-bought salad dressings are filled with ingredients you don’t want, it is relativity easy to make your own salad dressing. This way, you get to add protein powder to it.

4. Whish It Into Your Scrambled Eggs

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I know the trick of letting your french toast soak in egg whites to maximize the protein, but adding protein powder to eggs is a great one.

5. Add It To Pasta Sause

unflavored protein powder In pasta sauce

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It would help if you had carbs in your diet; your brain works better with them. Adding protein powder to any pasta sauce is just a fantastic way to add more protein to your meal.

6. Make Home Made Soup

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Any soup will benefit from more protein. The vegetables are the best, and you don’t want to be overly heavy with cubed protein. Unflavored protein powder is a great save.

7. Add to Your Burgers

unflavored protein powder in burgers

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Burgers come in all proteins, and many would like animal protein. Either way, adding protein to the pattie will give you that extra you need.

8. Add to Most Dinners Casseroles

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You can add protein powder to any casserole-type dish. As with all the recipes, make sure you add more fluid to your recipe to account for the dry protein powder.

9. Make Pizza Dough With It

unflavored protein powder in pizza dough

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First, I tried the two-ingredient dough – greek yogurt and self-rising four; it’s great. Now add some protein to it, and you have a better pizza dough!

10. Mix It Into Quiche, fratatas

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Egg casserole dishes can get an extra protein boost using the unflavored protein powder.

11. Add it to Any Dip – Guacamole, Hummus,

unflavored protein powder in hummus

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This one is new to me – add protein powder to any dip you make. Get a little extra protein kick in your salsa, guac, or any vegetable dip.

12. Stir It Into Your Cereal and Milk

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You can drink a protein shake or use the shake as your milk, but add unflavored protein powder to your cereal and milk if you want the old fashion taste.

13. Make Protein Bread

unflavored protein powder in bread

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I know you can find protein bread at your local grocery store, but you make your bread add some protein. This works with banana bread too.

14. Mix It Into Creamy Sauces

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Alfredo sauce already has some protein with cheese and milk. To up the protein count, add some protein powder.

15. Add To Stuffed Zucchini, Bell Peppers, etc

unflavored protein powder in stuffed veggies

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Another way to add more protein to your main meal without compromising the flavor is by adding it to stuffed peppers, zucchini, and the like.

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