14 Corkboard Wall Ideas To Quickly Add Style To A Room

You can easily add style and texture to any room by adding corkboard to a wall. Corkboards tend to be messy, but a corkboard wall will be a pleasant focal point in any room with a few decorative touches and clean lines.

Corkboard material comes in a few different ways. You can get it in long rolls, square or octagon tiles, and rectangles. They also come self-adhesive for easy mounting. They do come in different thicknesses, so make sure it is thick that your pins are not puncturing the wall.

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Corkboard is easily paintable with any design you wish. You can even cover it with the cloth of your choice for the function of a corkboard without the look of a corkboard.

To add more design elements to a room, cut the corkboard into shapes that compliment the room’s design.

Easy DIY cork board wall + boy’s workspace by House Mix Blog

The brown color and texture keep this boy’s room with a masculine feel.

Corkboard Wall

DIY The Easiest Cork Board Wall In An Afternoon by Chrissy Marie Blog

A corner nook becomes a great space to hang artwork and give motivation.

Corkboard Wall

How To Make A Giant Cork Board Wall For Kid Art by Young House Love

Is your child a budding artist? Show off their artwork and give it a title at the top.

Corkboard Wall

Corkboard Wall by Just A Girl Blog

Make a wall a college of travel ideas or memento of past travels.

Corkboard Wall

Inspiring Kids Home Office Workspace Homework Station Design Ideas With Corkboard Wall by Home Designing

A corkboard back wall for a desk area gives this office some warmth.

DIY Herringbone Cork Board {Monthly DIY Challenge} by Little House Of Four

Make your own corkboard wall with brick-like corkboard tiles.

Corkboard Wall

A kid’s room wall can be a great place to hold all their memories and ideas. Just keep some great clean lines.

Why Every Home Needs a Corkboard Wall by House Beautiful

If you only have a small space in a room, use the whole wall. This corner is a great use of the room to show off treasured images.

DIY Cork Board Office Wall + Video + gramps by Four Generations One Roof

Add shelves and other design elements make this corkboard a built-in element to the room.

Corkboard Wall By Style and Create

You can keep it simple and use a small color palette to have an upscale cardboard.

How to Make Your Own Elegantly Framed Cork Board by Teen Vogue

Put a frame around many corkboards and make a whole wall of them, creating their own lines.

Corkboard Wall In Modern Home Office by Home Designing

Using a small space with clean lines, this corkboard adds texture to the room.

Cork Board for Fabulous WorkSpace by Beeyoutifullife

This minimalist boys’ room has great texture and color with a small space to keep treasured items.

Corkboard Wall

Corkboard used as an office wall gives a great place to hang drawings.

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