13 Impressive DIY Round and Oval Mirror Projects

A decorative mirror can be a focal point in any room. It can bring in more light, open up the area, tie other decor items together, and be useful. The only drawback to a really nice mirror is the cost.

Here are 13 impressive mirror DIY projects you can accomplish all by yourself. Whether you are looking for something more attention-grabbing, like a sunburst mirror, or something more laid back like a rope-framed mirror, there is something below which will get your creative juices flowing.

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DIY Rope Frame Mirror by Southern Revivals

This understated rope-framed mirror gives off a nautical theme. Using different size ropes in two different colors gives it the wow it needs. This project requires a mirror, plywood, white paint, epoxy glue, rope, and metal hooks. This design makes with think of using a decorative braided rope around the outside if you don’t want a natural look.

Raffia Sunburst Mirror by Dossierblog

There are many ways to make a sunburst mirror, which gives off a tropical chic vibe. You can use natural raffia or choose a colorful paper alternative. This project uses raffia, a metal hoop, a mirror, a clip, and glue. You decide how long you want the raffia.

mirror DIY Projects

DIY Sunburst Mirror for Cheap by Joyful Derivatives

Another starburst but a whole different look. This will look great with any mirror, depending on the size of your wall and the length you want the rays. This project uses a mirror, dowels, styrofoam disc, paint, glass candle holder, glue, and a hook. This mirror will be a show stopper whether done in gold, silver, or any other metallic color.

mirror DIY Projects

DIY Fringed Mirror by Collective Gen

Boho chic or a little of a Caribbean feel. This mirror uses glue, ribbon, twine, and a mirror. This mirror will make a statement and be a great centerpiece for any small area. Think of other ideas to hang from the back of a mirror-like a ribbon, yarn, or leather.

ROUND RATTAN MIRROR by At Charlotte’s House

The only difficulty with this project might be finding the right size mirror. This is super easy. Find the basket you love and glue a mirror to it. Add some metal wire for a clip and hang it up—the longest past of waiting for the glue to dry.

mirror DIY Projects

DIY Wooden Ball Mirror by Zevy Joy

Keep the ball natural or spray paint them a wonderful color. All that is needed for this project is the mirror, glue, and wooden balls. The balls are craft balls that are flat on one side to make them easy to glue and hold still. Imagine adding little jewels or rhinestones to add a little sparkle.

Decorative Plastic Spoon Mirror by Fab Art DIY

Spoons and more spoons are about all you need and some patience. What’s needed are spoons, hot glue, cardboard, and hooks. You can find different color plastic spoons at dollar stores and party stores. This site has another wood circle mirror you may love.

mirror DIY Projects

Driftwood Mirror by Scavenger Chic

I’m a sucker for picking up driftwood and other sea items from the beach. This mirror will give you a beach feel or a rustic centerpiece. All that is needed is driftwood, a backing, a mirror, and glue. It works easier if the bottom wood piece is cut in half longways for gluing.

DIY IRON & ROPE MIRROR By Store Front Life

It may look like iron and rope, but the “iron” is an affordable MDF board spray-painted metallic bronze. It has a plywood backing, then glued and nailed together. Make your holes for the side eye hooks and use a great rope. The drawer pull on the wall as a hook really elevates this beautiful mirror.

mirror DIY Projects

Wood Slices Decorated Mirror by I Creative Ideas

Simple, rustic, and elegant at the same time. This DIY project needs a plywood circle, a mirror, glue, and many cut branch circles. The brown bark really adds to the look of this mirror. If a rustic look is not your thing, painting the wood pieces will give it a whole new look.

Decorative Mirror from a Dinner Plate by Knock Off Decor

This is a great project using a great dollar store plate or a plate found at a yard sale. This DIY mirror needs a mirror, craft paint, and a hook attached to the back. Think of all the ways you can embellish a plate; you can use gems, paint pens, or glitter. It’s a simple, easy project.

mirror DIY Projects

DIY Macrame Mirror by Target Made Me Do It

Boho chic goes hand in hand with macrame. Here is a project that takes white rope, hot glue, a wire hoop, and a mirror. This uses two types of knots. The white is elegant by itself. Imagine using another color or adding a little gem here and there to add sparkle.

Tray Turned Mirror by I Heart Organizing

I love a great serving tray. This one below has a great wooden ring with a few long cutouts. All that is needed is a mirror that fits perfectly and a hook on the back. If the tray comes unfinished, seal it with a clear sealer or imagine using a wonderful color.

mirror DIY Projects