12 Watercolor Flower Tutorials Dahlias to Sunflowers

Learning how to watercolor can be a soothing and enjoyable activity. We all did it when we were kids, and you can easily learn as an adult. Here are 12 watercolor flower tutorials you can start with and soon master or have a lot of fun trying.

Imagine the amazing artwork you can add to your walls with some summertime flowers. Use the tutorials below and maybe have some of your own inspiration growing in your own garden.

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DIY Watercolor Dahlia + Printable

Dahlias come in a few different colors and can be very big show-offs. Even their leaves are beautiful.

Easy Watercolor Rose Painting: 3 Video Tutorials!

Roses are always a favorite to have and to learn to draw. You can have your own bouquet year-round.

10 Steps To Painting A Loose Sunflower In Watercolour

Sunflowers are always a winner in art form and real life. No one will have trouble knowing what flower it is.

watercolor sunflower

Watercolor Poppy Video Tutorial

Poppies are a delicate flower that shows through in this tutorial.

How To Paint Tulips In Watercolor

Tulips are an iconic flower that has great leaves to balance your painting.

How to Paint a Foxglove Flower – Paint the Natural World for Beginners

Foxgloves always seem t have bees with them. I love that bees are included in this tutorial.

watercolor foxglove

How To Paint Ranunculus Watercolor

Ranunculus will demand to be seen whether in your garden or on your wall.

How To Paint A Watercolor Cosmos Flower

The delicate, airy cosmos is one of the best wildflowers to learn how to draw.

watercolor cosmos


We all know winter is almost over then we see the crocuses in bloom.

Watercolor Asters in Real Time

Painting many petit asters will make for a great painting.

watercolor aster

The Easiest Way to Paint a Hyacinth Flower

Another early spring flower is the hyacinth.

Step-by-Step Watercolor: How to Paint a Blue Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are another big showy flower that will demand its own attention.

watercolor flower

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