12 Plants That Bloom Indoors Each Year

Plants that bloom indoors from year to year and are easy to care for are small in number. Here are 14 plants that will typically rebloom each year or shoot up blooms throughout the year.

Most of these beauties need a lot of indirect sunlight; some need a little direct sunlight each day. Finding the right spot in your home to let these plants live a happy life is key. Some are fussy about water, like the Christmas Cactus; they are much better watered from the bottom and not getting their leaves wet.

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Orchids can be fussy about light too. I have two small ones. The one that lives on my desk has not rebloomed in two years, and the one that lives on the kitchen, south-facing window sill has rebloomed each year.

12 Beautiful Plants that Bloom Indoors

1. Primrose

primrose plants that bloom indoors

Primrose comes in various colors and will look beautiful indoors as long as they have the right conditions.

  • Height: They can gow up to 24″.
  • Light: Put them close to a window with indirect sunlight.
  • Fertilizer: They need weak fertilizer when they start to bloom.
  • Soil: Make sure their soil is loose and well draining.
  • Water: Don’t let the soil go dry, but don’t overwater. Water when leave start to droop.

2. Peace Lily

peace lily

Peace Lilies may be one of the most recognizable plants that bloom indoors. Their rich shiny green leaves get a boost when they produce a white flower. Thye will quickly tell you when they need water by drooping. Once it gets water, ut quickly perks back up.

  • Light: They only need low ligh to look beautiful.
  • Water: Water them when they droop.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilize them twice a year.
  • Soil: The roots are suseptible to root rot, they need well draining soil.
  • Blooms: Blooms mainly come in spring.

3. African Violets

aferican violet V

African Violets are fussy about getting their leaves wet. You can find special pots for them that water from the bottom and they will love that. They will rebloom several times a year if they are happy.

  • Light: They need bright indirect sunlight. They will grown with bright flourescent light too.
  • Water: Water on their leaves will cause damage. Water from the bottom.
  • Soil: Their soil needs to be well draining and not soggy.
  • Fertilizer: They need special Aferican Violet fertilizer twice a month.



Orchids grow better without your typical soil. They grow better in a small amount of bark, peat moss, rocks, sand, and soil. They also do well in shallow planters. They can grow quite tall but only need a planter that is 6 inches in height.

  • Height: 6″ to 30″.
  • Light: bright indirect sunlight from a north facing window is best.
  • Soil: They like a mix of quick draining items for soil and they like it shallow.
  • Fertilizer: fertilize them twice montly with orchid fertilizer on their leaves.

5. Christmas Cactus

plants that bloom indoors Christmas cactus

Christmas Cactus will bloom when they are happy in their environment. I had one that did not bloom for several years. When we moved, and I placed it in a high indirect light area, it has bloomed each year, and the blooms last for a few weeks.

  • Light: Lots of indirect sunlght. These are cacti.
  • Soil: well draining soil, watered from the bottom.
  • Water: I use an Aferican Voilet pot. It keeps it moist without over watering.
  • Fertilizer: twice montly

6. Anthurium

Anthuriums are outdoor plants in zone 10 or higher. These beauties are easily grown indoors in the right conditions. The blooms are not actually flowers but leaves. Be aware that they are poisonous to animals and young children.

  • Light: they produce more flowers with bright indirect sunlight. Direct sun will scorch their leaves.
  • Soil: they need well draining soil. They are susceptible to root rot.
  • Water: water them when soil is dry in the top 1″.
  • Fertilizer: feed them once a month when in bloom. Over fertilizing will harm them.

7. Hydrangea

plants that bloom indoors

These beauties will be a show stopper in your yard, and with the right care, they will bloom beautifully in your home. The color of the flowers depends on the PH of the soil. Change the PH of these plants that bloom indoors and you will have pink or blue flowers.

  • Light: These guys needs lots of indirect sunlight. South facing window is best.
  • Temperture: If you keep your house under 70 degrees, they will be the happiest.
  • Water: keep them wet during the blooming season.
  • Soil: they need rich well draining soil

8. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is another plant that is amazing in your yard. Grown inside, this tropical plant will have smaller flowers but still plentiful with the right conditions. These plants that bloom indoors will drop their flower when done.

  • Height: these can grow to over 4 feet or more.
  • Fertilizer: they need weekly weak fertilizer with their water
  • Water: water them when dry and don’t let them stand in water for too long. They are susceptible to root rot.
  • Soil: as with most plants they need well draining soil.

9. Hoya (Wax Plant)

plants that bloom indoors hoya

Wax plants in their natural environment will trail and have long vines. You can plant them in hanging pots, and they will be quite happy to dangle down.

  • Light: These tropical plants need bright indirect sunlight.
  • Soil: They are not too picky, well draining soil works best.
  • Water: water them when they are almost dry.
  • Ferlilizer: fertilize during the time when they flower.

10. Bromeliad

plants that bloom indoors

They may look hard to grow and care for, but they are actually easy as long as you give them lots of bright indirect sunlight. Their intense colors make them a show-stopper of plants that bloom indoors.

  • Light: Bright indirect sunlight works best.
  • Soil: they like loose soils mixes like orchid potting soil. Fast draining soil.
  • Water: Water weekly, but don’t let them sit in water.
  • Fertilizer: These guys are not too picky, fertilize with half strenght monthly.

11. Oxalis or Purple Leaf Shamrock

The oxalis is a low-maintenance plant that responds to light. Its leaves will open during the day and close at night. Of the plants that bloom indoors, these are more sought after for their color than their blooms.

  • Light: They need medium to bright indirect sunlight.
  • Water: water when the soil is dry.
  • Fertilizer: These guys are not fussy, feed them a few times a year.
  • Soil: They need well draing soil. A typical house plant soild is fine.

12. Begonias

begonias plants that bloom indoors

Of the plants that bloom indoors, Begonias are another easy-to-grow houseplant. They come in several varieties of colors.

  • Light: Bright indirect sunlight is best for optimum flowers.
  • Soil: they need well draining soild and are susceptible to root rot.
  • Watering: Water them when they are dry and their leaves bening to droop a little.
  • Fertilizer: These beauties are not fussy. You can fertilize them twice a year.

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