12 DIY Flare Jeans Ideas That Will Inspire You

You can call them flare jeans, wide-leg pants, or bell bottoms; either way, they are a style you can create yourself with a loved pair of jeans you already own. DIY flare jeans are pretty easy to make, and you won’t necessarily need a sewing machine.

If you want to add denim to an existing pair of jeans, you will need to look around to find something close to the same color. Going to resale stores is a great resource for finding the right fabric.

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Remember, you can look in the kid’s and men’s sections; denim is denim. Also, look in the sections that have jackets, skirts, and dresses. You may find something great that inspires you.

You can find denim in many colors, with patterns printed and embroidered images, mostly of flowers.

Keep your options open. Many great fabrics will work.

Think about

  • lace
  • plaids
  • prints
  • embroidery
  • tie dye
  • pom poms
  • fringe

With a little imagination, you will have an awesome one-of-a-kind pair of flare jeans!

Here is a great new-sew turtotial for DIY Flare Jeans

Here is a great tutorial using a sewing machine for DIY Flare Jeans

bell bottoms
DIY Bell bottoms by Honestly WTF

This is a great tutorial for sewing flare jeans from an existing pair of jeans if you have a sewing machine.

You can use many different fabrics to create your own pair of flare jeans. Resale stores are a great source of denim and interesting fabric.

You can also look in your own closet for items you no longer wear but don’t want to part with. Recycle your own clothing into great DIY flare jeans.

Check out these great handmade ideas.

flare jeans
flare jeans
flare jeans
bell bottoms
flare jeans
flare jeans

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