11 Amazing Fruit Centerpiece Ideas For Your Next Party

Using edibles for a fruit centerpiece is an easy way to decorate your table and amaze your guests with your creativity. Any time of year, you can find fresh fruit in grocery stores. Depending on the time of year, you may have a lot to choose from.

Everyone loves at least one type of fruit, and when it is washed and ready to eat, all the better. Cutting melons and pineapple is a chore, and people appreciate those who will take steps to prepare hard-to-cut fruit.

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Many fruits carve nicely or adhere to a skewer pretty well. That makes them easy to make colorful centerpieces. But you don’t always have to make something elaborate with the help of skewers. You can use a lot of fruit and arrange it decoratively, and your guests will eat it up!

Pineapple Owl Centerpiece by Savoury Experiments

Who knew that the leafy part of pineapple would look this great as owl wings. This guy is just too cute! You need pineapples, lemons, oranges, lime, blueberries, raspberries, toothpicks, and a sharp knife. You can change the color of his eyes by using different small fruit.

Fruit Centerpiece

How to Carve a Flower from a Cantaloupe! by Suzys sitcom

When you need a smaller centerpiece, but want something beautiful, here is an understated fruit centerpiece using one cantaloupe. One main cutting method is what you need to make the flower come to life and look like a dahlia.

Fruit Centerpiece

Watermelon Race Car by Taste Of Home

I’m sure you have seen many items cut from watermelons. A little race car is a great way to have different melon pieces out for enjoyment. This will look great for any car-themed party, even Nascar parties.

5 Showstopper Red, White and Blue Fruit Salads by Two Healthy Kitchens

If you want a super easy and awe-inspiring centerpiece with fruit, this is it. Who can resist a bowl full of ready-to-eat fruit? The stars can be cut from honeydew or cantaloupe. This makes me want a bowl of it now!

Let’s make A Pineapple Palm Tree Fruit Tray! by How Sweet Eats

One step up from putting a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit out is to make a tropical scene. Here are 3 pineapples held together by skewers. All you need is 3 pineapples and leaves. If you live where there are palms, they are awesome to use, but otherwise, a fern will be just as beautiful to use.

Fruit Centerpiece

Fruit Kabobs in a Pineapple by Aloha Dreams

Pineapples always make for a great fresh fruit centerpiece. They are usually pretty heavy and hold up all day. This is another easy way to have fresh fruit as a centerpiece. You can use all the fruits you love and put them on skewers for everyone to enjoy easily.

Sweet Swirls Edible Fruit Arrangement Recipe | Fruit and Ho Hos Bouquet by Rada Cultery

Do you want to add chocolate to your fruit centerpiece but don’t want to deal with dipping fruit in chocolate? Just add Ho-Hos to your skewers! Make your pineapple a boat and load it with fresh fruit. I’m sure no one will complain.

Fruit Centerpiece

How to Make A Fruit Bouquet by All Recipes

If you want to experiment with dipping fruit in chocolate, an easy way is with pineapple, and you don’t need to cover the whole piece. The string of grapes on skewers and the long arc shapes of the melons really set this fruit centerpiece to be a hit.

Edible Christmas Tree Fruit Centerpiece by The Awesome Muse

You can always find fresh fruit at the store, and this is true in the wintertime too. You can call this a Christmas tree or just a tree. Either way, it will look amazing and taste even better.

Fruit Centerpiece

Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece: Make a Bread Cornucopia by HGTV

You don’t always need an elaborate fruit centerpiece. Making a bread cornucopia takes a little patience, and the outcome will look amazing. Add a little cheese and maybe some dried fruit, and with will have a showstopper of a fruit centerpiece.

Strawberry Christmas Tree by The Produce Moms

If you want to go really simple and have the kids help, this is the fruit centerpiece for you. All you need is strawberries and a star. Using a star fruit will make the top look great. You can make a few of these trees or have a few trees make of different fruits.

Fruit Centerpiece

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